Thursday, December 15, 2005

Naughty But Nice

Nope, you're eyes are not deceiving you. This is what arrived last Thursday from Get Knitted. Of course, buying the whole set of shorter length Brittany needles in one go is not actually my fault. Firstly, I blame Alison the Rowan Consultant at Cribbs Causeway for showing me her Brittany needles and how purrty they were. And telling me they came in 2 lengths.....THEN Simply Knitting had the utter cheek to advertise that the KnitTin were selling complete sets of Brittany Needles in a needle roll in their latest issue. Well, obviously I was drooling at this point, and conveniently remembered that my husband said he'd buy me a set for my birthday as he thought them very purrty too and that was that. Unfortunately its not actually my birthday till April, but whats a few months difference eh?

I almost, but not quite, feel guilty. I mean I haven't done anything bad or committed a crime. But I have that 'naughty but nice' sensation when you know you've done something you really probably shouldn't have but are just too elated too care!

They are just too beautiful for words. I wasn't too keen on the needle roll idea myself and thought it would be cheaper on their own, and indeed it was. I have sold a load of stuff on Ebay recently so it kind of all works out okay.

Unfortunately my elation was rather short lived. A few hours really was all I managed until my DH came home and told me that the repair job done under warranty on my car that I had picked up the previous EVENING, was bubbling......So was I when I saw it. I was livid. So to cut a long story short I have to go on another 2 hour trek to get it examined yet again then book it in again for yet another 2 hour trek. What a joke. And this is the manufacturers recommended garage. Never again. I tell you, I need those lovely needles just to take my mind off it.

Whilst we're on the subject here's a few other bits I got the week before that I kinda forgot to photo. First is the Go Knit Pouch from Get Knitted with the cute Clover Knit Mate Accessories Set and some Jumbo Locking Stitch Markers. I didn't know I actually needed the pouch till my friend Jackie mentioned she wanted one. That was it then. I had to have one, especially once I saw the new Clover set. Boy their stuff is too cute to mention.

Then we have the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern and some Blue Sky Alpacas from Coolwoolz. Although I have the bear pattern now the 2 skeins is for the rabbit from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's so luxuriously soft that it will be perfect for the rabbit. No surprise there then.....

The new Knitty is out and for the first time I've fallen in love with one of their designs Tempting II and it has gone straight to the 'must make' list. I have some Calmer I got in a sale ready and waiting.....I will start that around March I reckon.

Another design I fell in love with at first sight is the one on the front cover of Filati FF Book 2 by Jane Ellison. Unfortunately the yarn it uses did not have the same effect as its a high fashion yarn and definitely not my cup of tea so I'm planning on using Chunky Print in Tart instead, another bargain sale purchase. I can picture it in my head so hopefully that will work out well. When I get round to it of course....

And finally to the knitting. Last but definitely not least! So here she is, my latest FO, a gorgeous Biggy Print Zipped Jacket. She is amazingly warm - more so than Big Wool even. I'm really pleased with her so many thanks to Linda for recommending her. As regulars will know I usually prefer to have a pic of me wearing the garment but I've got a little bit more work to do on the zip and then press those seams so will hopefully get some pics this weekend.

Last post I mentioned the Wrist Warmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts which were begging to be made up. Here they are and they're fabulous. I mean, you can knit in them!!! Fabulous pattern and very impressed with the fit, even for my small hands.

That just leaves the sewing up of Lizzy now. She's finally at the front of the queue. I have been hoping the Sewing Up Fairy would come and visit and have been leaving a ball of yarn under my pillow each night, but alas, the fairy has not visited and it looks like I will just have to get on with it. In between finishing off making Christmas cards, decorating the tree, trying to keep the bunny from attacking the tree etc. etc......


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I love Brittany needles, and they are hard to find around here anymore, all the LYS are constantly sold out of them, and they are backordered. It should be easier since it's a US company I believe. They sure are pretty.

Uknitty said...

I've just finished collecting a set of Addi's in the 60 cm length. I know the feeling of "this is a bit exravagant" that comes with buying a whole set, but then again I figure it is an investment.

I'm still considering getting a set of bamboo circs, which really is extravagent considering I have the Addi's and a set of Denise. Do Brittany make circs? *Hide the Credit Card*

The Biggy Print Jacket is ace. I'd love to wear a garment knitted in in big wool/ biggy print but I so cannot knit with big needles. I still have a whole kilo of Big Wool that was meant to become a long cardi last winter but it keeps getting re-stashed each time I look at the 15mm needles !

C x

littlelixie said...

My jaw dropped when I saw all those needles - wow! I dare not examine anyone's in detail as I keep hearing how gorgeous they are.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where to start... shall I begin by saying how terribly jealous I am of your new pretty needles (pretty pretty pretty!), or shall should I just forget about them and compliment you on finishing the zippered cardi, which by the way, looks wonderful - just my kind of colours! ;) xxx