Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Only One Week To Go

Yep, it's that time again. The much awaited Rowan 38 is due out on Monday 1st August, with lots of new yarns and books!!!!!! It is just so exciting for Rowan addicts. New yarns to play with....... for anyone desparate to see the front cover, it's on this site. Although I saw the preview leaflets out of the corner of my eye it's not the same as actually getting the real thing drop through your door and into your lap.

A big thank you for the comments on my photos. Photography is another great passion of mine and it's lovely to have compliments. Weird though, since leaving London I don't do as much as I used to. I find it very solitary and you do end up looking at absolutely everything as if through a camera lense. It can get very surreal. And if you're doing parties or anything organised you tend to feel very detached as the photographer. I guess as my DH and I do almost everything together I tend not to get the time that I used to. I still manage to take hundreds and hundreds of photos and am always at least a year behind printing them. I print everything myself - could never trust anyone else to do the job! See, I'm a control freak.

That's what I like about knitting. You control the whole process, from beginning to ed and every decision you make affects the outcome. The great thing about knitting though, is that you get to wear it too.....how cool is that.

I popped into Hobbycraft today and picked up some Rowanspun DK in the sale. Got 10 skeins cream, 2 blue and 2 green. Aren't the colours lovely? Just couldn't resist it. Also went to John Lewis but I'm waiting till next week and all the lovely new yarns.

What terrible news at the weekend about Sharm El Sheikh. Of course that was where we spent our holiday in May. We didn't stay in Naama Bay itself but went shopping there frequently. It was always absolutely packed in the evenings. Just awful.

So far I've been in Sri Lanka when a bomb went off near the airport. I was actually en route to the airport at the time. Was rather glad to be going home! I met my DH in Bali then 6 months later it was bombed. And now Sharm. What a crazy world. At least we always have our knitting.......


Anonymous said...

I think that reflective repetitive work like knitting is a great comfort in these troubled times. We are living the Chinese curse of "living in interesting times".
I have some cream and royal blue Rowanspun DK stashed, for patterns in a Season's Tale.

Linda said...

OOPS That was me, Linda

Rebekah said...

The yarn looks wondrous. Have fun with it!