Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just One of Those Days

They happen sometimes don't they. Just one thing after another, nothing major - just very irritating.

It started off yesterday when we had to cancel our trip to the zoo as it was pouring with rain. My DH was off work yesterday so we'd planned another lovely day out. Alas, it was not to be.

Today my lovely postie brought me a parcel from Kangaroo who I often use. I'd ordered some Addi Bamboo Circular's to fuel the sock making addiction and some discontinued Lurex Shimmer for my bag making addiction. But the needle was a metal one, not bamboo AND it was very bent. Oh dear........

Then I emptied the washing machine to find everything covered in bits of paper. DH is in big trouble! Again.

Next I decided to cancel a mag subscription totally as trying to get the DD set up correctly seemed to be too much for both the company concerned and my bank. Between them they've managed to reopen two direct debits that I'd cancelled with both the company and the bank. I give up!

Then when my naughty DH came home early as we have to go to the dentist, he took one look at me and asked what was wrong with my eyes. They've puffed up and gone all lumpy. An allergic reaction to something, but what? Could it be the Addi sweet that came with the needles...........so now I look like I've been in a boxing match and have to go dentist looking all weird.

On to some knitting news. Not much I'm afraid but I'm now on the main body of the halterneck and have joined the tops. Here's a pic of what it looked like last week.

I was cheered up though by looking at the pics from Jane Ellison's new Noro book, Naturally Noro. Can't wait for it to come out. I just love her designs.

What a day.......


scarletprincess said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. I'm semi-used to my headaches but I just want them fixed. Gone.
Your top looks as though it will be lovely, what is the pattern/yarn?

Rebekah said...

Oh it sounds like my day, well except for the swelling eye. Why is it when one thing goes wrong everything else joins in?

And then some wierdo calls on the phone and creeps you out. Okay maybe that only happens to me because I work in a law office, but come on! One bad thing per day please.

Well I hope your day gets better, and mine too. At least it helps writing about it and reading about others bad days.

I like the halter top by the way! Very cute.

RoxyKnits said...

The haltertop is in 4 ply cotton in Allure 119 which is discontinued now and the pattern a freebie one for Rowan International Members. I mentioned a little bit about it in my 'Time To Move On' post. Nice to knit it all in one piece - definitely makes a change!