Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Day At The Zoo

Well as you can tell we finally made it to Bristol Zoo on Friday. DH finished a job on Thursday that he thought would take 2 days so he didn't have to go to work. And what a lovely day we had. It was really good fun and ever so enjoyable. I'm a bit peculiar about zoos as I worry if the animals have the right surroundings and are happy, but they are very good at conservation here and what they've done to most of the zoo is amazing. Many of the areas are very natural and it was great to see a huge gorilla munching on some grass growing by the rocks. My favourite animal has to be the Red Panda and I'm so glad I got some great pics. The little darlings can be such elusive creatures. Just won't sit still for a photo shoot will they.

After our trip we were very hungry so decided to eat out in town, but first had to stop off at House of Fraser. Yarn before food of course. I picked up a few balls of Jaeger MM Aran in the sale that will be great for bags and accessories. I realised I had no Aran wool in my stash the other day so it will come in very handy.

They had previews of Rowan 38 and some of the new books. I tried ever so hard not to look. I really want to wait until no. 38 drops through my letterbox so I can have a really good look. I know that they have some new 'felted yarn' which has no nylon in it which I'm really pleased about. It looks quite interesting. Can't wait to see the pattern book that comes with it.


Rebekah said...

oh I just love zoo pictures. We are heading to the Memphis Tennessee Zoo in two weeks, I can't wait. WE have a great zoo in St. Louis, but I love going to a zoo I've never been to.

Linda said...

We all loved your zoo pictures. We couldn't pick a favourite. I can't believe how disciplined you were to not peek at the Rowan books. I'd be riveted for hours, thereby spoiling my surprise.

littlelixie said...

When does the next Roawn mag come out? V exciting. Your photos are excellent quality - you've got a real talent for them.