Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Chilli the Chinchilla

Hello. My name is Chilli and I am a very beautfiful 4 and a half year old silver chinchilla. I got fed up waiting for my mum to post my picture on her blog so I thought I'd do it myself. Mum says that I am very expensive these days but she hasn't sold me yet, even though I do bite her finger every now and then. It's not my fault really, I can't help it if I'm grumpy and unsociable. I've always been that way.

Everyone that sees me 'oohs' and 'aahs' and says just how beautiful I am. I have to admit this is very true, I am gorgeous. Not like those two noisy brothers that live next door to me. You should hear them - what a racket. They destroy everything in their cage - including their wooden house and their hanging plastic tube they sleep in! They're the only chinchillas I know that have wooden parrot toys in their cage to destroy!

Not me, oh no. My cage is immaculate. Lovely and clean and tidy. I do have a habit of chewing the bars on my cage every now and then - drives mum nuts. No idea why really........

I love my daddy to bits. I'm a real daddy's boy. He lets me sit on his feet, climb on his shoulders and best of all, lets me sit on his head!!!!!!! Of course I don't bite him while climbing on him, but do manage a lovely nibble of his ears and whiskers.

I am addicted to monkey nuts but am only allowed them once a week!!!!!! Mum says this is because we have very delicate digestive systems, but I think she's just being cruel. I mean, that darned hamster Custard gets treats EVERY single day! And he gets let out of his cage every day too. I'm only allowed out for supervised playtime. Just because I love to eat electric cables, skirting and anything else I can get my teeth into, but it's hardly my fault is it! It's not like the old days when I lived with my wife Snowflake (RIP) and we had our own room. We totally destroyed that room, but mum and dad didn't mind, well not until they decorated anyway.

So here I am, and boy ain't I adorable? Just remember not to put your fingers in my cage!


Linda Allen said...

Thank you for the photo, Chilli. Our Clownfish(like Nemo) bite our fingers if we put them in their fishtank. Our 2 Italian Greyhounds are naughty and spoilt and want their own way, just like you. We have to supervise them or they wreck things, too.Dad is driven mad by them, so we hide the mischief they cause from him. Love Lily(aged 6) and Kennedy(aged 8)

scarletprincess said...

Maybe Pussycat should have a go at blogging... she's defiantely unique and we have a love-hate relationship most days- i.e. I love her and she hates me for not letting her bring birds to the house for supper! Chilli is beautiful, though he must me a handful!

Rebekah said...

Oh he definitely is adorable. And quite good at typing. But really how can anyone resist putting their fingers in your cage if your going to look that cute.

Fred said...

AW Chilli. You remind me of Jeeves and Wooster that I used to have. Poor Jeeves died on the Monday and then Wooster (who was his twin) died on the Thursday. It became very quiet and empty when they did :(