Friday, December 02, 2005

The Brutal Truth

Your Birthdate: April 30

You have the type of personality that people either love or hate.

You're opinionated, dramatic, intense, and very outspoken.

And some people can't get enough of you - they're totally addicted.

Others, well, they wish you were a little more reserved.

Your strength: Your flair

Your weakness: If you think it, you say it

Your power color: Scarlet red

Your power symbol: Inverted triangle

Your power month: March

Talk about spot on. It's embarrassing really, now everyone knows just what I'm like!

My husband's one of course made him sound like an angel. What a difference.....

What of course they don't say is that I can of course be a real sweetie and that my DH can be a complete devil. But then they wouldn't be as much fun then would they? Thanks to Mandella (I think!) as it was on her blog I first saw it.

Remember I said the collar wouldn't take long on my Biggy Print jacket. Well, it wouldn't have done if I hadn't run out mid collar. Because of the problem with one of the balls all I was left with was a few ends that I was keeping for sewing up and no way did I want the collar to be full of joins. So off we went again to John Lewis and I was most cross. But the lovely Alison, the Rowan rep in our store, was there and let me have a replacement ball. And off home we went and I redid the collar. BUT then decided I might want a longer collar so I'm waiting till its all sewn up so I can decide on the length as I want the zip to go all the way to the top of the collar. Currently its on the lounge floor. Sleeves have been sewn in. Just waiting for sides and arm seams. Just, she says. Great thing is that it took about 10 mins to do each sleeve! Wow, I like that. Lets hope the rest of the seams are as quick.

Lizzy is waiting for her arms to be pressed and sewn in before I can finish the sewing up and attach the frilly bits on the ends of her arms. The frilly bits on the front are done and look lovely.

For over a week now I've just had no time to myself, hence the late post. I've been making numerous trips back and forth to garages and had no car pretty much most of the time. Having do to a 2 hour trek to the garage that did some work on my car to make sure they would repair the rust that has now appeared on the work they did really didn't help matters much either. They've agreed the work comes under their warranty so its another trek back on Monday and another week without a car......

I have managed to start a lovely hat with earflaps which I'm really enjoying knitting even though it has quite a bit of fairisle. It's made me realise I prefer fairisle to intarsia. Excuse the numerous balls in the picture! A normal person would have 1 ball per colour, but oh no not me. I'm doubling up the main colour with Rowanspun DK and using 4 balls each Rowanspun 4Ply for the other 2 colours. Which makes a delightful mess if I don't keep a very watchful eye on it, even more so as the lovely now discontinued Rowanspun are tweedy yarns which seem to delight in sticking together like glue! Oh I can't wait will its done though. A hat with earflaps. Pure joy!


Heather said...

Snap! I have the same birthday as you. Of course all Tauruses are lovely people (my sister is one too)!

The hat looks fun, I am looking forward to seeing the progress.

C x said...

Another Taurean here ! Maybe avoiding setting in sleeves is a Taurean trate :) Sounds like you are going to have two FO's pretty soon, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Lizzie...

C x