Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

I feel like a little production line as I've turned out yet another garment! This week we have the lovely Beth knitted in Ribbon Twist that my DH bought for our anniversary. She took just a week and has been pressed and now only (!) waiting to be sewn up.

I have realised that knitting all my Big Wools first means a big stash reduction. I mean, I have to make a bit more room for the post Christmas sales don't I? I mean you never know what goodies you might spy.

No doubt some Cotton Tape will be got if I find any in my favourite colours. I can't believe Rowan are discontinuing. I love it! Linen Print is going too but I'm not too bothered on that one. What did surprise me is the shade of Yorkshire Tweed DK I got a couple of weeks back is going too. I wonder if any more of that will be around......

I've had to restrain myself from staying on my iBook too long as I OD'd on it and made myself go all weird and dizzy from spending too much time staring in amazement at all the new widgets and flash stuff like expose. Apologies if I'm talking in another language but it's the excitement of a brand spanking new super fast iBook! Oh its so lovely. Looks pretty much like my old iBook but super fast and with the most amazing OS Tiger.

I'd let my OS get a bit behind as I knew the old iBook was on its way out. You can only put up with dodgy connections (my fault - I kept dropping it....) for so long. As the new one is wireless ready I'm getting a wireless router so if I drop it won't damage the connections (again). Oh boy am I in love with my iBook and all its widgets......I mean, Christmas comes each year but new laptops don't do they? My last one I've had for 2.5 years which isn't bad as I'm practically joined at the hip to it....My broadband speed has also been upgraded and wow that seriously makes a difference too.

I promised a pic of me wearing my gorgeous Biggy Print jacket and here it is. I am so pleased with it. Apart from being ever so pretty it is amazingly warm and comfortable and I've been able to wear it out in this cold weather with a micro fleece underneath to keep the wind out.

Lengthening the collar and zip was a great idea too as it keeps my neck warm. I find Big Wool jackets & cardis a bit uncomfortable with even a micro fleece underneath and of course they are just not warm enough on their own and not comfortable under a jacket either. So having a wool jacket I can wear out on its own is superb!!!! And of course I can happily wear my pink flip-top mitts with it. Isn't it nice when stuff all works out well.

Doesn't Thunder look exactly like Gizmo. Blimey, the resemblance is truly amazing. Sorry, I can't help it. The poor bunny gets that done to ears every day. Amuses me no end.....

As its only a few days away now I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and hope they get lots of knitting related goodies from Santa!


REbekah said...

Poor Thunder. But your right he does. Abner and Basil are tortured by things that amuse me as well, but I think they like it any attention is good in their eyes.

Mandella said...

Bunnies take a lot of abuse. I'm always threatening Austin that I'm going to clothes peg his ears together on top of his head just to make them stick up. Either that or tie them together under his chin!

As if.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

C x said...

I was thinking of you today when I hit the sales at John Lewis.... lots of cotton tape at bargain prices.

I've tagged you for a meme. Details are on my blog :)

C x

Annarella said...

You look fab! :) xxx