Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Surreal Experience

I'm pleased to say I started to feel vaguely alive on Thursday and was much better on Friday so had a lovely weekend. And so started the most surreal experience with Biggy Print. Now, I've used it before, love it and am always amazed how quickly it knits up. But I've never made anything bigger than a scarf. So on Thursday evening I felt well enough to start a new project, a fitted zipped jacket pattern for Rowan International members that had been recommended to me by Linda who'd already made it. And to my amazement by Sunday night I'd finished the front and the back.

It is really weird spending a few hours knitting and then the back suddenly appears. It's almost like magic. I mean, I'd really not been spending much time knitting at all. Very odd. You'd think seeing as I make quite a bit in Big Wool or Colinette Point 5 I'd be used to super bulky yarns. But Biggy Print is really something else. So of course Sunday had to involve a trip to JL to have a look at the zips. I've got a couple in 2 lengths so one of them should be ideal. No doubt the collar won't take long either.

I had a strange occurence happen with a ball of Biggy Print though. The middle of a ball of fell out while I was knitting with it. Hmm. Rather odd I thought. Then it dawned on me the middle of the ball couldn't fall out - or could it? On closer inspection, the middle was 4 short cut lengths. Weird or what. I took it back to JL and they refunded the ball. Never had that happen before.

I also managed to snap one of my favourite 5" Brittany DPNs on a fiddly K2tog. Luckily they're guaranteed so a replacement should wing its way to me soon.

The last odd event happened when I managed to return an Amazon rental DVD case back to them - but without the DVD in it! Oh well. These things happen. Funny how its always in three's though.....

And finally, a picture of Shingle. She'd been waiting for the ties to be done for just ages. I really got the timing of her wrong. Usually I manage to work it really well so that I can wear whatever I've made. But I started her too late in the year and it only dawned on me that she needs to go over a camisole/vest top once she was finished and I'd tried her on. I was disappointed at the time but she does look lovely and will be perfect for next year.


Linda said...

That back is looking beautiful. It looks really different to my Splash one. Funny how colours alter the look of things. Secretly, I prefer your colourway being a red/pink kind of girl, but we Mums must knit the children's favourite colours for them, not our own. I feel strongly about this(except for brown which I refuse to knit)

C x said...

I've had the middle of Balls of Rowan Yarn turn out to be little more than cut lengths before now. It's absoloutely infuriating.

Shingle is very pretty I've got a bit of a soft spot for tie front tops at the moment. What yarn & pattern is it made from?

Rebekah said...

Everything is lovely. It's good that refunded/replaced the ball, it's not their fault, but it's good customer service.

Everything looks wodnerful, Shingle is very pretty.

Annarella said...

Shingle looks so pretty - lovely colourway too.

What pattern is the jacket? I am a Rowan member, had a look on their site, but wasn't able to find it... tnx!