Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Colder Days

It definitely feels like winter has arrived over the past week. The heating has gone on and the scarves I made have come in very handy. I really need to finish some of my gloves and armwarmers that I have started though. I think I have 3 pairs in various stages now. My fingers are starting to get rather cold......and I have an urge to do jigsaw puzzles which is total proof that winter has surely arrived.

Lizzy is coming along really well. One sleeve finished and another started so shouldn't be too long before the finishing gets started. Which might take longer than expected as she has frills on the edges of just about everywhere.

Poor Thunder had his op with no problems and was recovering quite nicely. I was due to take him for his checkup on Friday and before going noticed that things were not quite right. As I suspected, he decided stitches were not for him so he removed them. Luckily the wound is small so I just need to bathe twice daily in salt water. This seems to have done the trick and everything seems to be healing up nicely. He seems to be back to his mad old self and is bouncing round the room like nobody's business.

House of Fraser had one of their 25% discount days last Thursday and I just HAD to go. I didn't actually need anything, but boy did I want something. I had a good think before I went and decided on yarn to make the Lana Grossa cardi I fell in love with a little while back. They only had 20% discount off the yarn though this time which was a first as its always been 25%, but still a good deal as it was something I'd been wanting for a little while.

All those balls of frogged ASC have been looking at in a kind of questioning way, asking me what is to become of them. I can't see me making anything to wear for a while so I'm using up some of the smaller balls to make dishcloths and washcloths. They've never appealed to me before but now I rather like the idea, and its get rid of a few balls of ASC into the bargain.

So no surprises that my first facecloth is a bunny design which I finished in a couple of hours for my DH. He said it worked very well in the bath last night but wanted to know where the black eyes and fluffy white tail are. I'm sure men are worse than children ;) I'm going to make a dishcloth next and will do a a house pattern. I found this site full of cute dishcloth patterns and will probably make a few. I'll go down a needle size for the next one though, and see how it turns out. That's the great thing about them, the gauge doesn't really matter. You can always whip up another and of course being machine washable comes in very handy. I wonder if I'll actually manage to finish any gloves now that I've discovered the joys of knitted cloths.....


Rebekah said...

OH sweet Thunder. I'm glad your healing well. Now don't go hopping too much, we don't want anything to fall out!

The facecloth is adorable.

Scully said...

I found your site from a link on Della's. Thunder is soooooo gorgeous. I hope he improves following his op, what a cheeky rabbit taking his stitches out!
The dishcloth looks great. I may have to make one for myself as I too am bunny mad.

Fred said...

Glad Thunder's doing ok. I know about the stitch thing. Lara was told not to be too energetic after hers and she woke me up during the middle of the night sat on the top of the wardrobe!!

Mandella said...

Did you have to show me a bunny dishcloth? Now I want one too. Glad to see Thunder is none the worse for his ordeal.