Monday, October 03, 2005

Halterneck Top & Domesticity

Domestic issues have kept me so busy since we've been back. Cars at garages, electricians and plumbers to name just a few. No wonder my pile of items waiting to be finished off is still a pile. I did manage to get a zip for my felted bag which has turned out fabulous. Except now I don't like the colour of the zip so will have to change it.

And of course the absolute disaster that occurred in Sainsbury's involving a bottle of organic virgin olive oil and my beautiful pink Vans trainers did not help one bit. I won't go into detail but they are ruined and I am seriously unhappy as they were my favourites and I wore them all the time. The shop I bought them from no longer has them and I've searched and searched the web and have only come up with 1 possibility and they don't have an online stock facility. This is not good news.

Earlier that day I got an email from DoCrafts saying I'd won a prize - 10 X-Cut punches which was great news with Xmas not to far away. I always make all my cards so will be nice to have new toys to play with. It was a lovely surprise - somehow I enter stuff and never expect to actually win. What a nice surprise. Except the trainer disaster ruined it. And the postie waking me up at 7.15am on a Saturday to give me the parcel wasn't exactly good timing either.

In between domestic issues/crises I have managed to finish the left front of Lizzy though but have managed nowhere near as much knitting as I would have liked. I did manage to sew up the Rowan 4 ply halterneck top that took so long to make it nearly finished me off. It looks gorgeous though, but of course seeing as its now autumn won't get worn till next year.

I did manage a brief trip to JL but they didn't have the new Louisa Harding range I was hoping to see. I'm pretty sure though that it won't be my thing what with the nylon content of some the yarns but I was hoping to at least be able to have a good look. Hey ho. No-one was available that knew if they were having it either which is a shame as it's always good to have new ranges isn't it.

As its that time of year already I got out my lovely Cat from the Big Wool collection and wore it to JL on Saturday. I made mine in Feb this year in Colinette Point 5 and its one of my favourites. I much prefer Rowan patterns to Colinette's own ones and was very pleased with the way it turned out. Isn't it beautiful? You can spot me a mile off wearing it. Very handy. Perhaps I'll wear it to Ally Pally maybe.

Have learnt a lesson about bamboo knitting needles and cute bunnies and now one of my Inox needles had Thunder's teeth marks on them. Still usable, but should have put them a lot further out of his reach. Naughty little rabbit. He is still the sweetest thing and I adore him to bits. He has now taken to licking the sofa as well as his dad.


Rebekah said...

Oh ruined trainers, that's horrible. Well at least Thunder is cute as can be and can keep you happy.

Kirsty said...

Get Knitted has the new Louisa Harding range and they're very lovely, I was very taken with them when I was at their open day on Saturday

Linda said...

After a gap of 30 minutes I found one of my favourite 4.50 bamboos with toothmarks all over the(mercifully nonknitting) end. Those who can talk deny it, and those who can only bark give no account of themselves. I love your Colinette cardigan. I've not knitted that yarn because the patterns are foul, as yoy noted. I'll be inspired to substitute now.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your Cat from the Big Wool collection. Could you possible email me with more details, what exact yarn used and where to obtain the pattern? It's the first piece in a long time that has caught my eye like that! :-) (Jill at

RoxyKnits said...

I tried sending you the info but the mail server rejected it saying address unknown. If you send me an email I'll forward it on to you.

Ahrisha said...

I too, love your Colinette Point 5 sweater. How Lovely. I am also in agreement about the colinette patterns for Point 5. Would you please post here the pattern info & yarn color! I just love it! Also you can email me at:
Ahrisha in Pennsylvania
A KnitList Gal!