Monday, September 26, 2005

End of Holidays

Well we're back from our holiday in St. Ives and as usual it was fabulous. This is the view we had from our apartment. Gorgeous isn't it? We didn't see any rain while we there and had lots of sunshine so were really pleased with the weather. We visited Penzance and the lovely Knit Wits shop were I met Julie, the lovely owner of the shop. I bought some Sari Silk to make a bag as well as some bamboo handles. I also just had to buy the Petticoat sock yarn and the Apaca in rose just spoke to me ever so quietly saying wouldn't she make the most luxurious, warm and comfy slipper socks. If only I could make socks quick enough to keep up with the amount of sock yarn I buy.....

For the first time I also bought some yarn in St. Ives itself. Only a couple of balls of Adriafil for a small scarf that will go lovely with a jacket I have. We popped into Iriss in Penzance while we were there and DH bought me some locally produced hand-dyed yarn for yep, even more socks!

I will get round to pressing & finishing my ever growing pile of FOs as soon as I get through some of the huge pile of washing I have. Seeing as we only went for a week the amount of washing to be done is unbelievable.

All my babies are well and happy though obviously missed us, especially Thunder. And to be honest, I missed him dreadfully and was just so excited on the way home. He's grown a little and is still the adorable and friendly but cheeky little devil he was. He has also realised that the sofa and my lap are for his personal use as and when he feels like it. He really is one cool rabbit. He's giving his dad a well needed wash in the pic. DH had just got home from work and Thunder just loves washing him.

So for this year our vacations are all done now and it won't be till next year that we'll enjoy the luxury of eating out every night at restaurants. You didn't think we'd eat in now did you? Oh no, walking and shopping each day, restaurants each night followed by a bit of fun in the arcades and maybe a quick drink in the pub. No wonder we do it every year. And my DH gets to eat as much ice cream as he wants. Which is a lot, believe me.

Knitting wise I finished the back of Lizzy from Naturally Noro. Shinano is just gorgeous to knit with and I wish it hadn't been discontinued. Never mind though, I've got more than enough to be going on with that's for sure.


Rebekah said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful holiday. Thunder is so sweet! I just love bunny fur, it has to be the warmest most inviting fur int he world.

Mary said...

Glad you had a good time. A lovely holiday plus some stash enhancement sounds just perfect!

Linda said...

Lovely view and great knitting photos. I've been wondering what Sari yarn looked like. I keep seeing different photos of it.

Anonymous said...

Surprise comment from best friend down in London. Thunder is groovy. I want one.

What is Lizzy supposed to be?

C x said...

Lizzie is looking great. I love Noro yarns but am yet to get around to making an entire garment. Looking forward to see how Lizzie turns out.