Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Somerset Sock

The lovely Somerset sock has been completed. She is lovely. Her mate will be started shortly. I don't believe in SSS. I want a matching pair. Preferably right now please.

It was love at first sight as soon as I saw this Felted Lopi Tote. I just had to have the yarn for it. No substitute would do. I wanted furry lopi yarn. Oh boy did that turn into a challenge. I don't know why it's so difficult to get some yarn made in Iceland. Plenty of places in the US sell it - but isn't it kind of ridiculous to order Icelandic Lopi from the US! I eventually found some on a German site that has a partial English translation and managed to place my order no trouble. They sent me a confirmation email following day saying it had been shipped. Yippee! Will let you know some more next time.

I said I'd do an update on my order from the German site Rikes Wollmaus which as you can see, has now arrived. It came on Friday special delivery, which is pretty good seeing as it went out Sunday and of course we had a Bank Holiday on Monday. I was really pleased with my goodies and they even put in a little packet of sweeties. DH appreciated those. The pattern for the Lana Grossa cardigan I love should be fairly easy to sub, as Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky has exact the same tension as the main yarn used, so I'll probably use that in different colours all the way through. had proved to be an absolute godsend with finding alternative yarns. Especially as you need to find out the recommended tension for a yarn rather than what's used for a particular pattern. I'm a huge huge Yarndex fan. It is just the most amazingly useful website.

I gave up on the Ballet T-Shirt from Loop-d-Loop. Tried subbing 2 yarns but wasn't happy. Also think the pattern might just be a bit too chunky for me as a summer top. This yarn subbing thing is a real pain unless you can get a yarn with the exact tension match to start with. Does rather put me off a bit I have to admit...... I mean, who wants to knit tension squares when you could be knitting a new cardigan or bag?


Rebekah said...

Goodies are just so much fun, love the sock, hope it's mate comes along quickly.

KnitYoga said...

The sock looks wonderful - glad it's not destined to be a victim of SSS! The goodies from the German company also look exciting and thanks for the tip about Yarndex which sounds really useful. Thanks also for your recommendation on UKHK group to use hair braiding bands for stitch markers. Managed to get some from Claire's Accessories and they're brilliant!

littlelixie said...

Am completely disillusioned with loop-d-loop. Shame as some of the designs are lovely.

Tracy said...

Oh dear, I've got a sock in that colourway but it hasn't had its mate knitted yet. I'd forgotten all about that one and thought I was up straight, grrr ;)