Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Love Thunder

It's our wedding anniversary this Saturday and we're off to St Ives, Cornwall for a week and we can't wait. We go at least once each year and absolutely love it. My DH has bought me Ribbon Twist in Rascal to make the gorgeous Beth. She reminds me of the fleeces I wear and will make a very welcome addition to the family. and I can use my lovely 12mm Brittany needles on her too.

We have another reason to celebrate too. We have a new baby bunny rabbit called Thunder. He is the cutest, most friendliest rabbit I've ever seen and is definitely the best rabbit in the world. We weren't exactly planning on getting a rabbit just yet, but Thunder chose me you see. It really wasn't my fault. Honest. I was just saying hello to all the animals in our local garden & leisure centre which is quite a regular occurence, when Thunder immediately came over to me and jumped up wanting to be stroked and cuddled and asking to be picked up. Well, it was love at first sight and that as they say, was that.

He's settled in really well and is happy for anyone to cuddle him and stroke him and everyone is amazed at how friendly he is. Of course I shall miss him when we're away but he'll be looked after well by our local PetPals man who will be taking care of all our brood.

So you know why I've been rather behind on my blog and keeping up to date with everyone elses. Playing with Thunder is far more exciting!

My lovely Lopi yarn arrived from Wollywood in Germany last Thursday by courier and is gorgeous. Am very pleased. And would you believe it - they sent me the Lana Grossa booklet that I hunted high and low for free of charge! After all that, if I'd have waited I could of got my brochure without having to order it in the first place. Isn't it always the way?

Once I'm back from our holidays I should have some pics of FOs ready. I've currently got 4 projects waiting for either the last few rows to be done, sewn up or pressed. Unlikely I'll get it all done before we go, I haven't even started packing yet!


Rebekah said...

Thunder is sooooo cute, and what a great name! I wish I could fly over there and cuddle him!

Linda said...

I can't believe our similar tastes. I've got Beth lying in pieces on my sewing table, in Riches colourway, waiting to be sewn up tomorrow! I'm put off by the temperature hitting 25C here. I know I won't wear her for 9 months, so am putting off the making up, always my least favourite part of knitting.

RoxyKnits said...

I know just what you mean. Shingle is just waiting twisted cord ties to be done but I was SO disappointed once I'd sewn her up when it dawned on me that I won't be able to wear her till at least next Spring at the earliest. It kind of takes all the fun out of it doesn't it?

Macey on the other hand I did totally right. Left it as a WIP for months just waiting for arms and a left front. Now she's almost ready - perfect timing!

littlelixie said...

Now that is one cute bunny!

Meaux said...

Seeing your Thunder reminds me of our Tiz'a-Little bunny, a wonderful little white bunny I had until she was about a year old. How do you handle any chewing issues? Does Thunder have the run of the house, or do you keep him in his crate? Tiz'a was litter trained and as happy as could be, but she chewed so many cords and walls, we had to give her away. They are the most wonderful pet, if they just wouldn't chew things up!

RoxyKnits said...

Thunder doesn't have the run of all the house yet as he's only 3 months so were still teaching him what he's allowed to do and what not. We've kind of fenced off the tv area of the lounge & where my computer is as it is just too dangerous. The rest of lounge is free as is the hall and part of the stairs. He won't go in the kitchen as it doesn't have carpet! Basically the more he learns that carpets aren't for chewing etc, and that his toys are ok to chew, the more freedom he gets. If he's naughty, then he goes in his cage. At the moment he's out in the morning while I do his cage and feed him, in most of the day, out again pretty much as long as he likes in the evening as long as he behaves. He is litter trained and knows the word 'no' though sometimes chooses to ignore it of course. Bunnies do calm down after 1 year anyway so I reckon you're bunny would have got better. I definitely wouldn't give Thunder away and wouldn't let him chew the house either - we have 3 chinchillas who are terrible for chewing so have to be in their cage for most of the time which is a shame, but you can't teach them like you can a rabbit. Takes a bit of time but they are just so intelligent - and of course cute too.