Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Somerset Sock In Wedded Bliss

My somerset sock now has a mate and they are now living together happily ever after and look very cute snuggled up together.

While they're settling into married bliss I've beeing having a think about what magazines to continue to subscribe to. My sub copy of Family Circle Easy Knitting arrived a few days ago and as usual there's something I like in it. It has patterns for socks on 4mm DPNs using 2 strands, so these would be a real quick knit. I like the sound of that......

FCEK is the one subscription that never gives me any troubles. I order it, my copies arrive, no problems. Lovely.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits. I got so fed up with VK that I cancelled my direct sub with them and took one out with GMC in the UK who are fantastic and since then, no problems. I do love VK though and wouldn't be without it.

Interweave Knits has been a challenge of a subscription from day one, with late issues, missing issues and once an issue arriving without any packaging whatsoever. Funny though that this is the only magazine that keeps sending me reminders to continue my subscription. I think not. I'm waiting on the last issue to arrive of my subscription and that, I think, will be that. There isn't anything I want to make from IK really, a few bits I like but nothing that screams KNIT ME!!! So unless the new issue has something that gets my knitting juices going I won't continue. And even if I decide I still want it, it will be via a UK company. I've learn that lesson the hard way. What I don't get is if FCEK can provide a brilliant subscription service from the US, why can't VK and IK? Anyway, rant over. It's time to move on.

Lizzy is looking lovely. If I get into serious knitting mode I could make a big dent into those sleeves. Whether this will happen or not is anyone's guess. I'm currently on a sock and glove/mitten binge at the moment. Yes, another one.

I ended up frogging my flip-top mittens I'd started from the S&B Nation book as I wasn't happy with the pattern. The thumb didn't have a proper gusset and just wasn't good enough so rip, rip it went. However, I did find this great pattern for mittens using Biggy Print which I'm amending to make them flip-top ones. These will be the 'freezing weather' mittens as boy these mittens are solid! They stand up on their own and would walk if they could. But for sure they will definitely keep out the cold. The pattern uses 8mm DPNs - yes, for Biggy Print! Great was of using up a couple of balls if you're lucky to have some lying around.......will post a photo when they're finished. No doubt I'll make another pair in Rowan Polar that will be quite a bit softer if I decide I'm happy with the design.

Well done Knitty.com for this amazing pattern for a knitted breast prostheses that really got me thinking. What an amazing attitude this woman has - make sure you read right through the article - the ending is superb. If you go through to the designer's site, make sure you have a look at the Watermelon design. How amazing can knitting be? I've never seen anything like this site before and am sure there is nothing similar in the UK. There really should be.


Rebekah said...

Love LIzzy she's looking quite fantastic.

I go back and forth with the knitting magazines, living the US I don't ever have a problem with delivery, but for instance VK hardly has a pattern I want to knit, but I still get it. You just never know when a pattern will grab ya.

Mary said...

Love the socks - what a great colourway; you have to knit some in Somerset if you live there don't you - that's given me an idea for the MIL's Xmas gift... I cancelled my VK subscription and now just buy each issue when it comes out. I get IK from Scottish Fibres which has been fine for the last couple of years. It doesn't come as quickly as people who subscribe direct from the US but I've had no problems with missing issues which I know others have.

Linda said...

Those are fantastic sites that you linked to.

Anna said...

Well done on the socks, they look super cute.
Thanks for the pattern for the mittens, might attempt at making some for Xmas too.
Have a fab day!

Anna xx

C x said...

Lizzie looks fab :) Why is Noro so addictive ? I have no idea, but it certainly is.

I must be on another planet cos I had never heard of FCEK before. Crikey, if they decicde to branch out and publish a "yoof knittin'" magazine thats a ready made name if ever there was one :0

I've just started some socks in silk garden. Yeah the yarn is thick but the cuffs are about 50 cm long,(what are these socks for a giraffe?). I rather stupidly thought this was going to be a quick knit. Ah if only I had seen your sommerset socks first, I would not have made that mistake!

C x