Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm Still Sulking

Nope, it hasn't arrived yet. The bible of my knitting world, the new Rowan magazine, has not blessed me with its presence. I may try a prayer to the knitting god tonight. You never know, it might work! While we're on the subject, I'm also waiting for the new Vogue Knitting, Family Circle Easy Knitting and Loop D Loop to arrive. You know what's going to happen don't you. The WHOLE LOT will arrive in one day and I shall pass out with excitement. Or something.

I have been very busy. Unfortunately not with knitting. I can't bear waste or having stuff around that isn't going to be used and give lots of stuff to charity or recycle it if no longer useful. My latest mission has been my GameCube. Yes I have a GameCube, as well as a Game Boy Advance (no, that's not going) and a PS2 (nope, not going either). And before you ask, no they're not my husbands. They're all mine. As is the iPod, iBook and iShuffle! My best friend used to call me a boy. I wonder why? My DH does have his own GBA though but the old style. Not the cute little funky one I have ;)

I don't play them often but I really do enjoy it when I do. The PS2 came for Christmas last year so the GameCube doesn't get used much so I finished off Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets (superb game) and I listed some games and the GameCube on Amazon yesterday and sold the GameCube and a game today. Not bad eh!

All this gaming business going on though has forced to crack on with Ecco The Dolphin (hard but oh so good) and also play Sypro on my GBA. If only I could knit and play games. Wouldn't that be wonderful. The game craze will stop in a day or two. It never lasts. That knitting urge can't be supressed for long.......

I have started my lovely Lorna's Laces sock yarn though with the magic loop method which seems quite straightforward at the mo, but I haven't exactly progessed too far with it - as you'll see! But wow is it beautiful yarn. Once you try this method you realise exactly why a long circular is needed. As to whether it's any easier, time will tell. But it is definitely more portable than DPNs and of course you won't spend ages hunting for a DPN thats decided to go AWOL.

And I finally finished winding my Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace. I don't know about 3 hours - took us a whole week!

I've also been using my lovely Denise Needles on the felted bag from the latest S'nB book. I rather like them. The bag and the needles that is. Needles are ever so useful and I'm really glad I got them. I thought I might not like the feel of them being the bamboo addict I am, but because they are so light and nothing like metal, they're warm to the touch and very comfortable.


Mary said...

Being a total Zelda addict, I could never get rid of the GameCube, although that's all it's ever used for. I love my Denise needles, very useful to have all the sizes and I've found them very comfortable to knit with.

Inertia said...

I haven't got my Rowan mag either and I'm so ready to get off the accessories and back onto sweaters (it's been 20 years since I knitted a sweater!).

I'm also waiting for some Skye to come, hooray! I'm hoping to find a jumper pattern for that too. Did you get your Skye from Sue at Get Knitted? Waah! She doesn't show any on the site.

I love the PS2. At the shop where we hire games (to see if we like them enough to buy them ;o)) the ladies there always laugh when they know the game is for me and not my 9 year old :D We 'share' a PS2, an XBox and a GBA.

Hope your mag (and mine!) come today.

Inertia said...

Mine *didn't* come! :(

RoxyKnits said...

Yippe - mine came. Sorry to those who haven't got theirs yet. It will come - honest!

I'm also really glad I'm not the only grown up who loves computer games! And of course I love Zelda, but on the GBA. My DH would never let me have the TV long enough......

And I did get my Skye from Get Knitted, but it's just the last few she has so whoever visits gets first pickings. There's an open day this Sat if anyone is interested!

littlelixie said...

Knitting and gaming? I *have* to send this to Pooch!