Thursday, August 11, 2005

Charming Charlotte

Well here she is in her full glory. Isn't she beautiful? And only took 2 balls for the small size instead of 3. Which makes her a very reasonably priced garment. I'm not sure what to call her though. She could be a capelet, or maybe a stole. Who knows. Ideas anyone? And yes, that is the Cotton Braid vest Kitty hiding underneath. I've been poorly and am burning up hence the beach clothes and pale, wan look.

I wonder if its an age thing. I called the wrist warmers I want to make in an earlier post fingerless gloves, which of course they're not. But they're not wrist warmers really either. More like forearm warmers which really doesn't sound too sexy now does it. Stick to wrist warmers I think. Sounds quite cool.

I'd like a bit of help on choosing alternative yarns for Loop-d-Loop. I know lots of you have the book and hopefully have plans to make stuff from it or even better, already have. So any suggestions or ideas gratefully received.

First I want to make the ballet t-shirt which has no straight sub so I was thinking either Rowan All Seasons Cotton or Handknit Cotton. ASC would be nice and stretchy but will have to play around to get the gauge. HK Cotton is nearer the gauge but as its pure cotton not sure it will be as stretchy or comfortable as ASC.

Second is the puff sleeve bolero. I just LOVE this design. Except trying to find a sub for it as it uses a bulky and aran weight 100% merino in the same colour. So no Rowan yarn I can use then. Unless I go for an aran and try tripling it up and see if I can get the bulky gauge that way. See, I'm getting a headache already.......

Thirdly I love the hooded capelet. Finally, something in Big Wool that I don't need to sub. Hallelujah! Would definitely go for the plain version though. And the 15cm and 20cm circs should be fun to use! Am allergic to intarsia and fairisle. Remembered how much I hated it when I did the initial on my soon to be felted bag. I just don't have the patience for it....get bored too quickly you see.


Linda said...

Well, I love the Puff sleeved Jumper but alas could not wear it(refer to babies/middle age fat etc, not for the wish to do so.) My biggest criticism of that lovely book is that trying to think of substitutes has defeated me.
I have not (yet) ordered the same yarn they use, but I haven't been able to substitute either.

littlelixie said...

Good luck with the loop-d-loop stuff. I am still slogging away on the dreamcatcher cardi. Has made me want to do something in chunky yarn very soon!

KnitYoga said...

Charlotte looks very nice. I don't know what you would call her. She's a bit like a mini poncho but I hate ponchos and I love this! I wanted to knit it but get overheated with big wool. Noticed there was also a ribbon twist version and was wondering if the ribbon twist would be any cooler?

scarletprincess said...

Charlotte looks lovely on you!!! I'm tempted to make the hooded caplet also, just need to decide on a colour!

Rebekah said...

She's very beautiful! sounds like agreat knit. As far as what to call her how about a caponcoug.

Caplette, Poncho, Shrug.

Susan Cannnizzaro said...

I just love your site. I would love to have the pattern for the pink cappi if you sell it or give it out, or tell me where I can get it. I just love it and would lov e to make it for my daughter for Christmas. If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much