Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Days

Well my Rowan 38 arrived yesterday together with Loop-d-Loop and FCEK. Well that's not strictly true. Postie rang doorbell with Loop-d-Loop whilst I was on the phone to my knitting friend who lives round the corner and was telling me all the lovely patterns that were in there and which ones I'd like etc. So I nearly cried when off he went leaving me with just Loop-d-Loop (which is fabulous by the way - more on that another day).

But all was forgiven when 10 minutes later he was back again. I could have kissed him. He's not our regular postie so didn't know there was more in his pile. Oh it was good. I waited till the afternoon before opening it too. How restrained was that!

It's lovely. What can I say. I'm going to make River using my Cherry Tree Hill Merino. Birch can wait. I've found a new shawl to make. I reckon I've got enough to probably do both anyway and it will be lovely to start something new straight away from the book.

Also Eowyn, fingerless gloves but will need to sub as they're in Kid Classic which is no good for my asthma.

And am rather taken with Drizzle, the scarf in Felted Tweed and KSH, but again can't use KSH.

There's a gorgeous felted bag Eavie in Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply and of course I can use the lovely Rowanspun 4 ply I got in the sale instead.

I also want to make Braiden bag, but's embroidered after so will have a think.

Charlotte in Big Wool Fusion is a must make now this minute. Well as soon as I get some Fusion that is. Think I'd prefer it in BW Fusion rather than Ribbon Twist. DH loves it too. I also love the Selina hat but it's in KSH and Wool Cotton and don't think that would work in anything else, which is a shame.

Liked the look of Creeper in Plaid but not too sure on the batwing lark. Mmmm. Will think on that one.

And rather fancy Regia in Big Wool, Yorkshire Tweed DK and KSH. Would sub the YK DK for some lovely Rowanspun DK that I got in the sale and the KSH of course.

Quite like the Go Faster jumper in Big Wool but would have to change the neck. I'm really not a jumper girl - zipped jackets & cardi's are my thing - but it really caught my eye.

And that was all really ;0)

I'll leave you with a picture of Roo and Roxy. Roo decided to go walkabout this morning but luckily didn't venture too far and wandered back to his cage after a couple of minutes.


scarletprincess said...

I'm glad someone likes the Rowan 38... i only liked a couple of things on it's first glance. maybe it will be owrth buying when i've thought on it. Meanwhile I'm tucking into 'Barra' from Classic Winter! Yum

Linda said...

I'm still waiting, but have been peeping at the advertisements in the woolshop websites. Faster looks fun, but might be too hot for our climate. River looks great. I can't see the small items too well, so will have to wait, more patiently.