Monday, August 08, 2005

A Good Weekend

I've had a lovely weekend. Bought some Big Wool Fushion in Cyclamen for the lovely Charlotte as well as some RYC Soft Tweed in Antique to make Eowyn on Saturday in JL. Finished half of Charlotte yesterday so hopefully a completed pic might follow by the end of the week??? It's only taken just under a ball so will be finished in 2 balls instead of 3. Lovely. But will I take it back or swap it and get another ball in Source to make another one. We shall see...

Saturday night we watched Layer Cake on DVD which we both loved. Definitely one we'd watch again. We just love the British gangster style films and this one was fab.

Sunday we went to the beach and they had an RSPCA dog show and a Classic Car Show on. Guess which one had my interest? Oh yes, it was the car show :) I fell in love with a Corvette which is just the sexiest car.....I've always loved cars, especially American ones but ultimate dream would be a Lotus. Oh yes, I can see myself now. DH doesn't quite share my passion but does love vintage cars and there were plenty of those to look at.

Then we went off to feed our baby swans and see how they're doing. To our amazement they appeared, followed by a sibling, then another! Yep, there are now 4 baby swans in the pond BUT still no sight of mum or dad or the two remaining babies. Where they've got to is anyone's guess but at least all the babies look very healthy.

And there's nothing wrong with their appetites either. We had 4 baby swans, 2 teeny baby ducklings, 3 adult ducks and another black and white family fighting over the food. Oh yes, then a water rat complete with baby joined in the fun. Boy do those cute baby ducklings move fast when there's food about. Was great fun.

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