Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cutest Sock Ever?

Poor Custard has had an eye infection and for the first time in his long hamster life had to visit the vet. He was very well behaved and the vet was ever so congratulory on the weight and health of our long-lasting hamster. She said it was lovely to see such a well cared for friendly hamster, and said she was sure it had made a difference to his lifespan ;)

I was pleased as punch I can tell you. We were given the obligatory eye drops and then the fun and games started. Have you ever tried to give a hamster eye drops??? Impossible almost - the furry wriggling beast won't stay still for a nanosecond. The eye drops went everyone except his eyes. We've nearly used the whole tube only because it was so difficult to get any drops in. Why oh why couldn't they have given us liquid ones - you'd have more chance with those. Anyway we've persevered but another trip to the vets might be in order.

Last weekend we visited House of Fraser who still had a sale on and also had an extra 20% off sale prices. So I got a few balls to add to my stash for bag making, accessories etc and of course couldn't resist more Rowan Calmer which I plan to turn into bed/lounge socks. Eventually.

I finally finished my Socks That Rock sock and am so pleased with it. Unfortunately its sibling will arrive a bit later than planned as I broke another Brittany and haven't received replacements yet. Thats the only downside to the STR, that I have to drop down a size and use 2.25mm DPNs which aren't the strongest needles for sure and only Brittany seems to make them as I have to use either bamboo or birch. DH suggested it would be a wise move to order another packet judging by the rate I'm going through them. He is very wise sometimes ;)

So I did order some and of course had to order a few extras from Web of Wool. Their service was super fast and my packet arrived next day! Oh I like that..... I'd ordered a copy of Yarn Forward as I'd heard good things about it and can definitely agree it is totally different to the other UK mags. A refreshing change for sure and already a pattern I love in it and actually want to make! It's almost a miracle and even DH loves it too. Sorted.

But back to the STR - boy have I loved knitting with it and am totally overjoyed at how soft and comfy the sock feels, especially as its such a tightly spun sturdy kind of yarn! I imagine these will wear very well. I'm still deliberating on whether to join the sock club when it comes out or not. I've kind of had my xmas pressie limit already so we'll see. Decisions, decisions. It doesn't help either that Colinette are bringing out a new sock yarn Jitterbug. Oh can you imagine the colours! Apparently they were at the Kniting & Stitching Show but amazingly I actually managed to miss their sock yarn - oh you have no idea how much I want to kick myself for that!!!

I still feel like I'm chasing my tail trying to get the ton of paperwork I have piled up still but I have progressed a little with my knitting, thankfully! I've finished both sides of a bag, the pompons and twisted cord. Pattern is from 25 Books to Knit and I'm using Chunky Print for the main part and Colinette Zanzibar for the pompoms, top and strap. The pattern says to knit only one strap but I'm not sure it will be strong enough so I'm going to knit another.

I had yet another reaction to tomatoes last Sunday and getting fed up with the whole business. I'll have nothing left to eat at this rate! It's not long to go till my hospital appointment so hopefully it will help.

I'm waiting on my copy of Vogue Knitting again. Its late arriving in the UK, yet again, and as its my favourite magazine quite frustrating. Though I have to admit to being impressed with the 2nd issue of Knit Today which has two patterns I actually want to make. This is almost unheard of in the UK knitting mags - mostly I get them for the articles as I find most of the patterns awful. So this is a good thing and am happy at least one UK knititng mag I subscribe to has stuff I like. But oh, what am I saying, now we have Yarn Forward too. My my, I'm just spoilt for choice ;)

I'll leave you with the cutest mini sock imaginable. It really is too cute for words and I love it. However, it is sadly not for me so we'll say goodbye to it. Though I will definitely have to make one for me to keep. I was surprised it wasn't as fiddly as I'd expected and I had real fun making it and it counts as an FO too! Looking at it just makes me smile and it just so tempting to keep ;)


Joy said...

I hope Custard is better quickly. Sounds so difficult to get eye ointment in his eye. I love your STR too. Have you ever tried the Addis? They may bend but don't break. Also love the mini sock, so sweet! Calmer for socks, I'd never thought of that. I bet they are so comfy.

Mary said...

I can't imagine getting eye drops into our hamster! Hope Custard recovers soon. I knitted my MIL bedsocks in Calmer last Christmas and she loved them - very soft and squishy.

Rebekah said...

Hope Custard gets well soon, I can only imagine the skill it must take to medicate a hamster.

Cute mini sock! Maybe Custard could wear it, hee hee.

Piglottie said...

I hope Custard gets better soon, and that all goes well at the hospital for you.

The STR sock looks gorgeous. Just a note on the sock club, if you go to their website they are taking registration now. BUT (and its a big but) they have put the sock club price up and its ridiculous. $240 for the UK for 6 skeins of yarn (which would normally work out at around $125). I know you get the extra patterns and stuff but this is way OTT. They know that restricting supply is making demand huge, so hence they can charge what they like. Not for me I'm afraid, think I prefer Colinette or am hoping Posh Yarns start their sock club again. Anyway, good luck!

scarletprincess said...

Well I'm interested (pleased is the wrong word) that someone else has had trouble with 2.25mm brittany birch needles. I was so disappointed when the 1st of 5 broke and I had to frog the sock then started another sock using the remaining 4 to have another one break and render the set unusable :o( I had to go out and get pony metal 2.25mm to carry on. how did you go about sorting out replacement needles?

Mandella said...

Nice sock, but I know what you mean about the Brittanys. I have snapped, 3, yes 3 of the 2mm size.

Perhaps I shouldn't tell you, but I have two skeins of Jitterbug in my possession from Alexandra Palace.

And if you think getting eye drops into a hamster is bad, try bathing a rabbit!

JudyL said...

What pattern did you use for your "socks that rock"? And, did you have a pattern for the mini-sock? I'm a new sock knitter and love both of those.


Judy L.

Diane said...

Nice yarn purchase. I love your sock. Very pretty colors.

knit only but also said...

Is that a hamster Christmas stocking? (hope poor little soul is better now and not needing hamster-therapy, imagine the cute little couch to recline on as Custard poured out the deepest most hamster fears) I really like calmer too - it has a wierd texture that is very pleasant, and as I am usually a real natural fibres person that is high praise. I totally agree with your assessment of UK knitting magazines that have long languished behind other country ans the Yarn Forward is really good, often I have bought them and then decidedly felt disappointed, I also like the new Sublime books put out by Sirdar and showed them on the web to non knitting colleagues who were all smitten - some of the designs are really nice (and we won't even mention all the new Kim Hargreaves loveliness on her site)

Kathleen said...

Hiya, just to say thanks for inspiring me for my latest creation in Noro Kureyon. I give you a little shout out over on my blog.

Chris said...

I hope Custard's eye is better! Your STR sock turned out great. And I love the mini-sock!