Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back to Reality

We had a lovely time in St Ives and had a wonderful anniversary. Thanks to everyone who sent me kind wishes ;) The weather was great with a few really hot & sunny days so I managed to wear my flip flops and cropped trousers a few times so that was a nice bonus. The Saxon Noro felted socks were a big hit in the evenings especially as the floor is laminated so too cold for bare feet.

I put them in with my normal washing and they're fine. They shrank a little more but that was expected and I tried them on straight away again to make sure they fit nicely. They're a brilliant alternative to slippers as you can wear them all round the house and even on the sofa too!

I did a fair bit of knitting on the drive down on the Andi Messenger Bag from Rowan Felted Collection using some Rowanspun DK in Icy from my stash. I'm now on the strap but its boring so hasn't been touched since I got back. Maybe it will be my car knitting project. Passes the time and gets it done - if slowly. Though I really do need a new bag asap - the time for pretty summer bags looks like its gone for sure.

Whilst away I started my Hooded Pullover from Blue Sky Alpacas but had trouble with the gauge so frogged it and restarted it when I got back. And made a mental note not to start a new major project when away. Best to take stuff thats already on the needles and where you know the gauge is perfect. But oh my did I love Malabrigo as did my is like knitting with candy floss or cotton wool. Its so hard to describe but there is really nothing else like it. So another great hit!

As you can see the back is now done and it only took a ball with a little left over. That is seriously good going. Unusually the pattern is written so you do a 3 needle bind off on the shoulders. I do that anyway but its lovely not to have to work it out yourself. If only more were like it!

I finished the foot part of the Lana Grossa Mega Boots sock in St Ives and did the toe shaping and finishing at home. It is lovely yarn but does seem to take longer to knit than most sock yarns. Maybe because they're not as bright as my usual socks - who knows? So I'm afraid I've not cast on for the second sock - but I will after I finish my next pair of socks.

Which brings me nicely on to the current socks. Yep, I couldn't resist and had to bring my Socks That Rock with me. This stuff is amazing. So tighly spun there's no chance of splitting the yarn - unlike the Mega Boots. I really can't wait till its finished and I get to do the wear test. And all the talk about how wonderful it is - well now I know exactly what everyone means. It really does live up to its image. It is so different in texture than any other sock yarn I've used and what I love about the colours is they change so often - you really don't know what will happen next so you're constantly gazing lovingly at the pretty colours than turn out. Yes, I think I will have to ask Santa Claus for some more STR and Malabrigo.

Of course all this wonderful new yarn had a downside. For the first time I bought NO YARN!!! Yes, you are reading correctly. Not one little skein nor even a knitting accessory. And I visited all the yarn shops I could - 1 in St Ives, 2 in Penzance and 1 in Truro. I could hardly believe it myself. I did try and visit another in St Agnes but that had closed down. I guess I've been spoilt with such unusual luxurious yarn that everything else kinda pales in significance.

This doesn't meant I didn't spend anything. Far from it. DH requested various Quiksilver items of clothing and DC skate shoes for Xmas. So of course I returned the compliment which means we've made a good start on our xmas shopping. We also got various bits and bobs in St Ives, as favourite of which is my Sprouting Kit. Yes I have a new hobby and have already harvested my first bunch of alfalfa which was very tasty indeed. Currently we have mung beans germinating.

I got some more seeds at the weekend and now want a germinator. The sprouts taste so delicious and being organic as well as extremely good for you makes them just perfect for me. And might help with my latest allergy to postage stamps - you know the ones you lick. They didn't have any self-seal ones at my new work nor a stamp sponge......and the following day I was really ill with a bright red sore, blotchy and blistered tongue and felt so awful all I wanted to do was cry. I managed to get a doctors appointment and thankfully feel better now than I did. The doctor is trying to hurry my allergy clinic referral. My allergy list seems to growing weekly right now ;(

Finally we have my Noro Kureyon York zipped cardigan in all its glory. I managed to finish it before we left and took it with me, though of course it was too warm to wear - hence no photo yet of me wearing it. But it is lovely on and I'm really pleased with it ;)


Joy said...

Ooh so many great projects. I love the little slippers and the Malabrigo sounds lucious. I've heard so many wonderful things about it but never tried it. Also love the Socks That Rock yarn you are using.


Chris said...

Your cardi is great - looking forward to the modelled shot when the temps drop.

I think that STR is, base yarnwise, very similar to Koigu, Cherry Tree Hill, and Sundara. They all seem to use Louet GEMS Pearl, which is a wonderful yarn.

Queen Frogger said...

I like the look of your hoodie and the yarn is a lovely colour.
The Noro socks sound lovely for the winter!

scarletprincess said...

The malabragio is just my faveourite colour! Where did you get it from? Everything looks so yummy I bet you're spoilt for choice on what to work on!

Piglottie said...

Glad you had a great anniversary Roxy! And you've been so busy. The Malabrigo is divine (shall hopefully be starting a project with mine soon) and the STR colourway is coming out beautifully. Impeccable taste!

knit only but also said...

That Malabrigo is a fantastic colour - just divine. The cardigan is amazing - nothing but NOTHING! normally matches as well as that and I love the messenger bag - it may be a boring knit now but I reckon it is going to be fabulous. Love the socks.

Diane said...

You bought no new yarn? WOW!!! I love all the projects and York looks great. Glad you had a good time on vacation.