Friday, September 15, 2006

St Ives Here We Come

Aren't these just the best felted socks ever? I love them. They've been simple to make and look just great. The felting process was easy peasy. I put the socks in a lingerie bag and put a pair of jeans in the machine and did a quick cotton wash at 40 degrees. And they came out perfect! I tried them on straight away - yes they were a bit damp - but of course had to make sure they fit and they did. So I straightened them out gently and left to dry. So yippee, they're ready to take with me ;)

Here we have a pre-felting photo. For some reason one looks quite a bit larger than the other but its probably due to the angle of the camera. I used Noro Kureyon 92 and 154 - 2 balls of each. But only used a small amount of both second balls so if you wanted to do them in just 1 colour, 3 balls would be plenty. But those stripes are so cool.....and would look good I reckon with whatever shades you did them with.

Yep, its that time of year again and we're off for a week to St Ives for our anniversary and are staying at our favourite place. Meals are already booked for the weekend, our favourite Indian for the Saturday we arrive and my husbands favourite for the Sunday, our actual anniversary. The restaurant does an amazing vegetable fajitas which I have every year. Its traditional you see ;)

Of course I've only just started packing as I've been more concerned with knitting. I'd been racing to get my felted socks finished so I could felt them in time. I tried hard to get a felted bag done too but there's no way I can get that done in time. Oh well. But as the weathers gotten a bit sunny again I don't mind as I can still use my nice bright summery bag.

Talking of felted bags I love the Ayla design from the latest Knitty. Its great. Another one to add to the list maybe?

I have been just bogged down with paperwork recently. Partly my husbands accounts but also I've recently taken on the role of Secretary for the Management Company where we live. I decision I bitterly regret as it is definitely not 'just signing a few cheques'. Its in quite a mess and there are lots of problems that need sorting. Which I don't get paid for so very frustrating as I'm not going to spend hours sorting it out for nothing. But we won't be here forever and I'm hoping once its more organised it will settle down. I guess the take-over part is the worst, especially if it hasn't been managed properly beforehand.

I've also started a book-keeping course which will lead to a recognised qualification. I've not had any formal training so it would be nice to find out how its done 'properly' and will help with the new role I've been lumbered with.

Talking of new roles I've just accepted a new part-time role just 5 mins drive away from me. Guess what I'll be doing there? Yep, lots more paperwork as I'll be office administrator. Environment is very relaxed though and I can wear jeans and trainers so I'm happy about that. I start once I'm back from my hols.

This is what Thunder thinks of us going away. Totally unimpressed!

So see you when I get back. This is the only time when I have no computer access so won't be able to reply to anyone till I'm back. Bye bye ;)


Mandella said...

Fantastic socks! They should keep your feet nice and toasty in Cornwall. Have a great week, and Happy Anniversary to you both.

scarletprincess said...

Those socks look really ace! Definately a mist-knit for our winter months!

Mary said...

Great socks! Have fun in St Ives.

PurlyQueen said...

Those socks are too fabulous - I must make myself some!
What needle size did you use?

Piglottie said...

Love the socks, great colours. Congrats on the new job. Have a great time in Cornwall and Happy Anniversary.

PS Had a great holiday down in your neck of the woods and the people were soooo friendly! Lovely area.

Chris said...

Those socks are wonderful! I hope they're keeping your toes toasty warm. :)

Happy anniversary!

Annarella said...

Congrats on the new job and HAPPY anniversary! Have a fab time xx

littlelixie said...

Those socks are amazing! You might have just solved my quest of what to do for Pooch for xmas. Hmmmmm....

I have started a Zine (magazine - but you have to keep in with the yoof lingo thing). Email me your postal address to or leave it as a comment on my blog (cue spam snail mail by the bucket!) and I will send one to you. xx

Faerynuff said...

I'm wearing my saxon socks now! I didn't do them stripey though as I didn;t want to buy 4 balls of wool for 1 pair of socks!

I do love your stripey ones though :)