Friday, November 10, 2006

Ta Da

My Knitting Pattern A Day calender arrived a week or so ago and I put it with the presents waiting to be wrapped to get it out of the way and my DH got carried away with wrapping presents and wrapped it up too. So another pressie from him he he;)

DH also wrapped my Colinette Marshmallow yarn by mistake and was most cross about that. You'd think he actually knew what he'd got me but no, obviously not. I was pleased as it saves me doing it. Though its actually from my friend we take our own pressies home after the show as it makes more sense seeing as we only usually meet up once a year. This year she fell in love with the new Wrap Cardigan Kit from Web of Wool which was introduced at the show and seemed to be very popular indeed so that was her pressie sorted ;)

Last year I bought her some lovely Colinette Point 5 to make a pretty cardigan which has been finished for months and months and currently resides under her bed! I thought maybe writing about it on my blog might shame her into pressing it and sewing it up. Boy is it nippy out now and it would be perfect for the cold. We don't want it living another year under the bed now do we Joanne???

All this cold weather has brought out the accessory urge in me and I made some fingerless mittens using this fabulous Custom Fit Fingerless Mitts pattern. It's a really simple pattern to follow and the easiest way to actually make a pair that fit. Normal patterns are always huge on me so its great to get a proper fitting pair. My hands are rather petite you see and almost permanently cold, so good fitting mitts are essential. Work is getting cold too so might need some for there too. I cannot bear to be cold and get very irate indeed :(

As you can see my Sherbet bag is all finished and lined so finally I have my winter bag. Pretty isn't she?

Poor old Custard had to stop the eye drops and was prescribed liquid antibiotics which he HATED. The poor thing is so trusting and happily started to drink it till he realised how awful it tasted then went absolutely barmy running round his cage like a wild thing and refusing treats!!! This is unheard of but thankfully it was only a short course and now he is back to his lovely self which I'm so glad of. He's such a sweet old hamster I really didn't like him being stressed ;)

You just wouldn't believe how terribly jealous Thunder was of the attention Custard was getting. He would do anything to get some including jumping on Custard's cage, jumping on my back while holding Custard or even resorting to kicking over Custard's climbing tubes! Naughty jealous thing. Amazes me how he can be jealous of something so small compared to him. Funny creatures aren't they ;)

Yippee! I made myself a mini sock and it lives happily on my keyring. I still can't get over how cute they are. Must make more!

I'm up early for my hospital appointment at the allergy clinic tomorrow and now have to attend another hospital next month to see a dermatology specialist for my other allergies. It's all getting a bit confusing. And you should see how long my allergy list would be far easier to list stuff I wasn't allergic too. At least I'm getting referred even if it is to 2 different hospitals!

I sent my dear friend that I spoke of a while back this chemo cap in Rowan Calmer which has been a great success as Calmer is the softest gentlest yarn imaginable. I used a pattern from Headhuggers which has a great selection of patterns. The mini sock was also for her and I managed a better photo of it before I sent it off.

It looks like the days of being able to post once a week regularly are a distant memory. So much to do and so little time. Never mind, we get there evenually ;)


Piglottie said...

Glad to hear Custard is on the mend, and Thunder is just too funny! Some lovely stuff you've finished, and thanks for the custom fit fingerless mitts as I've been looking for a pattern.

Joy said...

I'm thrilled that Custard is better!

Joy said...

Love the hat and mini sock too!

Queen Frogger said...

Thank you for the link to headhuggers. I am glad custard is better too and hope your hspital appointment goes OK.

scarletprincess said...

So pleased Custard is better. I know what you mean about getting time to blog! I can't believe how long it has taken me to put up another post! I really love those mitts btw ;o)

Angel said...

Glad that Custard is feeling better and thanks for the link to the "custom-fit fingerless mitts" worksheet- I recently picked up a skein of Malabrigo and have been wondering what to do with it- and now I think I have the answer!