Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wadda Week

I forgot to mention that my copy of Vogue Knitting finally arrived a week or so back and as usual I'm so impressed. Though there isn't anything that jumps out at me as a must knit, I love the designs. You know you're reading Vogue. There really is nothing quite like it ;)

I visited my mad knitting friend and this is what she brought me back from her trip to the US. I asked for a couple of balls and she brought me back 12!!! This is what happens when you ask a yarn addict to bring you back some yarn ;) I couldn't believe my eyes and I was so pleased to get it. So thank you again Jackie!

It's been one of those weeks. First of all I had my hospital appointment at the allergy clinic which turned out to be quite useful and definitely not a waste of time as my doctor suggested it might. I had pinprick tests - 8 of them - and reacted to trees but not to tomatoes. The trees was no surprise as I have hayfever. The tomatoes negative result was no surprise by the consultant either. He said that test is notoriously reliable. I was tested for cat, dog, horse and rabbit amongst others but knew I'm not allergic to those. What was most odd was that whilst waiting to see the consultant again after the first tests I reacted to something and red lumps came up on my hand. The consultant suggested it might be the tape but I know it didn't touch my skin. Thats me all over. I have 9 pinprick tests on my arm and react on my hand! Perhaps it came out in sympathy ;) The consultant said 'you are quite an allergic person aren't you?' whilst DH was sniggering quietly as I said yes to all his questions asking what allergies I had. Tell me something I don't know!

Next I had a RAST blood test and another blood test for vitamin deficiency. Being a long term lactose intolerant veggie I could be vitamin deficient. The blood tests took forever as the nurse just couldn't get any! I always have trouble unless its a very experienced nurse. I'll get those results in a few weeks. Depending on what they are the consultant suggested I go on the ward to be fed sliced tomato!!! I am so not keen on this I can tell you.....

I've also been referred to yet another hospital for investigations about my tongue. In the consultants own words 'that is definitely not quite right'. My tongue is where the reactions are occuring but now I constantly have blisters or lumps or blotches even a couple of days after the reaction and it hasn't been normal for months.

So I now have been referred to 3 hospitals all to due with my allergies. I think this is a good thing. At least its being taken seriously though all these different hospitals makes it all a tad confusing ;-(

Then I got really upset at work by the awful language used by one of the guys. I would never repeat it but would describe it as explicit pornographic. I just couldn't believe my ears. They guys involved were made quite aware I won't tolerate that kind of behaviour but to be honest, I don't want to be anywhere where that kind of thing is acceptable. There are so many laws about behaviour in the workplace that are supposed to prevent exactly this type of thing. It was not a good day. But when I came back from lunch one of the guys apologised - not the one that uttered the words, but the guy he was talking to. So they're now aware as is the boss.....we'll see if it happens again.

The day after that the garage rang to say my DHs van isn't worth repairing. It failed its MOT disastrously and would cost around £2,500 to fix. Uneconomical to repair was the advice. So now we have to look for a new van. Why do these things always happen in the run up to xmas?

I wasn't joking about the kind of week I'd had.....but it ended quite nicely when I was wearing my Biggy Print Jacket out and I was asked where I'd got it as a woman really wanted one. Then she spied my Sherbet bag from last post and said her daughter would love that. Its always nice when that happens ;)

I thought I'd see what happened if I felted my oversized Big Wool mitterns that were far too large. The result was hilarious. They'd probably fit a 6 year old now. Wow did they felt quick. I didn't mind as I don't wear them anyway. At least I now to be very careful when felting Big Wool :)

I'll finish off with an FO that I'm really pleased about. The Lana Grossa Mega Boots are finally finished! They're lovely and fit perfectly. And of course now I can cast on for that 2nd STR sock!!!

And leave you with the kind of week I would really like to have - a real chillin' one.....just like Thunder's!


Piglottie said...

Sorry that you've had such a crappy week. Hope things get better soon, and at least you are getting somewhere with the allergy investigations. The language used by some men never ceases to shock me, and one of the things I really hate at the moment is the way the word 'rape' has started to be used in general conversation as in 'Don't rape cinema's work' (Mark Kermode, BB2, Culture Show). I hate it, have more respect please!!! Sorry Roxy for ranting on your blog.

Loving the socks and loving Thunder even more. Take good care of yourself.

scarletprincess said...

Oh what a week :( Thankyou so much for your comment on Seth's lactose intolerance. On felting those mittens... I did that because they came out like oven gloves- but if you reshape (i.e. stretch) them on your hands after felting wilst wet then let them dry I find them a perfect fit. I do have smallish hands though ;o) x

scarletprincess said...

Oh btw I forgot to say that RAST allergy tests are quite reliable since I work in immunology/haematology. I used to send them off to our medical school all the time and should give the consultant a really good indication to your allergies.

Faerynuff said...

What a week indeed! I hope your results come though soon :)

My eldest would love a pair of mittens like that, I think it's time to make her some!

Good for you sticking up regarding bad language. I hate hearing it.

Juliet said...

What a week - 3 hospitals, crumbs woman, scary. That is either good or bad depending how organised each hopsital is! The Sublime pattern books are quite suprising - there is a nice wrap / boxy jacket in the dk one and the patterns in general are pretty nice, I spied the yarn in Jenners and it look good - quite un-Sirdar which I think can look a bit palstic-y and the colours can be cloying. But this was nice, nice I tell you. Still I will be knitting the pattern I like in Debbie Bliss. As for the bad language at work - we had an equality and diversity workshop we all had to attend, some of us thought it didn't go far enough (addressed race/ethnicity but mental health - no), where-as others it sloughed right off them. We are quite lucky that no one in our office is racist or sexist (as far as I can tell), but then we have an older guy in our office of mainly women and he is being trained!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, because I am by no means a medically qualified person, but have you ever been tested for a cinnamon allergy? The reason I ask is that a friend of mine has this and her symptoms are remarkably similar to way you describe your tongue.

It's a long shot I know.

I envy Thunder. I wish I was as relaxed.