Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm A Sexy Knitter ;)

When I spotted the link for the Sexy Knitters Club from Annarella's blog I knew this was the club for me. I just love making sexy knits - all those cute halters and curve hugging knits..... oh yes, just perfect! Perhaps this will be the push I need to finish the crochet edging on that cute vest top thats sitting waiting patiently ;)

Though I haven't mentioned it for a while Kitsch hasn't been forgotten and I'm now working on the sleeves. The back shoulder seams were reworked and the three needle bind off worked perfectly! Oh I was happy and it looked so much better. Should be finished about the right time weather wise. Is still hot here in the UK but no doubt will ease off in a few weeks and Kitsch will be the perfect cover up. DH asked if she'll be coming to St Ives in September with us. Maybe......see how the weather is by then.

I'm really quite desparate to get an FO or two done by the end of August. I feel like I haven't done one for a bit and it would be nice to start the new season all fresh with maybe just a couple of WIPs hanging around. WIPs become FOs once the knitting part is done as I don't count the finishing part (which includes crochet)! It's all part of finishing isn't it?

The Curious Yarns bleeding dye saga has finally ended after waiting 2 weeks for the replacement yarn to arrive. It wasn't posted out when promised - the postmark gave that away and I was really quite disappointed. Seeing it was a gift and I'd had problems with the dye, I would have at least expected it to be shipped when promised. Oh well, we live and learn. Think I spoke too soon about the great customer service didn't I?

And to make matters worse I'm not that impressed with the colour of the replacement yarn. Its supposed to be Ocean, green/greys/blue. But where is the blue? None in my skein......ho hum. Not the best of experiences and I totally regret all the time and effort I spent trying to fix the bleeding yarn too. The owners suggestion didn't work and now I have half a ball of totally faded yarn, and another half a ball of a different colour. Right now I don't even want to look at the dratted yarn. Thought at least I did eventually get a replacement.....

As you might have noticed I've been doing a bit of work on my blog and now have a list of my 2006 FOs so far as well as all my 2005 FOs with links to pictures. I'll update the pictures as I go, if I get a nicer one or me wearing the garment, then I'll replace it. A few pre 2005 knits might appear too, if they're extra special. See how it goes.

I found I had quite a few FOs that had never had pictures taken of them for various reasons. So as I need to upload them anyway thought I'd add them here too with a wee description. So here we go.

1. Regia 6 Ply Bonbon Bed Socks - how did I miss these out?
2. Jerez Celeste Halterneck Top - I always take this away on holiday. Its superlight and doesn't crease and unlike most cottons, is very cool indeed.
3. Pop Cotton Braid Bag - quite a useless bag really but just perfect for putting my wet underwater digital camera in to dry off. Always comes on holidays too.
4. Cotton Braid Bra Top - never worn. What was I thinking - that bra will not contain my boobs!
5. Souk Cotton Rope bandeau top - I had to add a haltertie to stop it falling down! But its now acquired a sun stain that I can't get out....
6. Chunky Print legwarmers - very handy in winter to keep my ankles and feet warm at home and much used, to my surprise ;)

Well look at Custard! He looks an absolute devil doesn't he. We can't quite believe how old he is. He's 2 years and 4 months old and still going strong. He comes out every day into his tunnel maze and stuffs his face silly with organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds - as you can see! It must be the seeds, none of my other hamsters lived past 18 months, and Custard is now 28 months. Wow, a super amazing hamster for sure ;)


Rodolfo N said...

Hello! saludos desde Argentina.

scarletprincess said...

Aah... curious yarns? I had a similar experience of "lost in post" yarn and a free replacement which took months. I did get sweets but it wasn't worth the hassle. Shame really because they looked like a nice site.

I love those regia socks!! I don't think I'm going to be qualified to be a "sexy knitter" for a little while now... shame ;o)

littlelixie said...

I also had a weird time with curious yarns. Don't much like the texture either. Try CPU enterprises and look for the elle sockwool. Get some white and kool aid it. It gets softer with every wash and wears really well. Plus is only a fraction of the price. Their service is always excellent too. Parcel within 3 days everytime and must have ordered from them a dozen times now.

Piglottie said...

How cute is Custard! I also had problems with Curious Yarns - in fact, I've given up waiting for a response to an email sent on 26 June!

Diane said...

I can't believe your hamster has been around that long. Definately must be the seeds. I've never managed to get one to live past a year.

Annarella said...

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Curious Yarns, I've never ordered from them (and won't in a hurry now), which is a shame cos the yarns looks gorgeous on their site... but I agree, it isn't worth the hassle if customer service is cr*p. I hate it when you're promised something in the post, and then it doesn't actually get mailed for ages... ARGHHH!

And yes, you're the perfect candidate for Sexy Knitters Club :) I joined recently just when the KAL for Tempting 2 (from Knitty) had started, but I decided not to jump in as the more I looked at the sweater, the more I knew I'd never wear it... so I'm waiting for the next KAL... Have you joined yet?

Chris said...

How fun to find FOs that you missed!

Custard is very cute. Is he really the redhead he appears to be??

marian margulies said...

I also love your Regia 6 Ply Bonbon Bed Socks - how can i order a pair??? I live in NY and would love to
learn to knit. Marian (