Friday, July 14, 2006

Time for a change

As I've been blogging for over a year now I thought a little change of template and tidy up was needed. Bright isn't she? Don't you just love that font.....

Knitting wise everything has been fairly quiet. I've made good progress on my Log Cabin Blanket which is not far off half finished. Yes, this is definitely destined to be my first completed blanket. I can't wait!

My little sock break has finished as the lovely Splash colourway from Curious Yarns just begged to be started. And it would have been rude to refuse right? It started wonderfully, lovely yarn and gorgeous colours......till I noticed my fingertips were changing colour! Yep, they were going blue and as it wasn't mid winter you couldn't blame it on the cold. I stupidly carried on the next day before doing any investigating. By then I was rather suspicious that my beloved Inox bamboo needles were starting to change colour too. Darn & drat.

So I stopped the sock and emailed Curious Yarns and the next day received a lovely reply offering to replace the skein with another from the current range or even dye my another skein as my shade was now discontinued. Wow - how is that for great customer service. And I got to keep the skein with the suggestion of soaking it in a vinegar solution then leaving in the sun for a few days.

Jury is still out on whether that will help or not. I tried the vinegar solution as you can see but when washing it out in warm/hot water the water quickly turned a lovely aqua shade. But I washed it as best I could and now its drying in the sun. Worth a try though eh?

Look what arrived from Ebay. Yup, more sock yarn ;) this time though its some Regia Bamboo in the pretty Papillon colourway. It was quite a good bargain as its in odd weights and unballed but I've wanted to try it as soon as it came out so here's my chance. Reviews I've heard so far are all good, soft and silky, though not as stretchy as usual wool sock yarns so probably an idea to make a size larger as I usually like 10% negative ease. Don't want our sock to be too small now do we?

I promise I haven't forgotten about my holiday pics and I am working on them. I don't think even 2 posts will cover them though.....there are just so many!

I'll leave you with some pics of my footwarmer, aka Thunder. He just loves to sit under our feet or inbetween them and will spend hours happily sitting there in the evenings whilst I knit and DH watches TV. Can you believe Thunder is almost 1! I didn't realised myself till the other day, but its his first birthday on Sunday. Wow I can't believe how quickly the time has gone...

So happy 1st birthday Thunder! Just check out his legs - this is one cool relaxed bunny ;)


Chris said...

Happy birthday, Thunder!!!

Those are some super cute anklets you're wearing in the Thunder pics. :) I hope that vinegar helps the dye set so you can use that skein!

juliet said...

Happy birthday Thunder! He is so gorgeous - we like his photos a lot here (totally handsome guy), like the new blog changes - it is that time of year when there is the urge to tinker isn't there. Hope the vinegar works with the yarn - it looks pretty in the jar! Will have to investigate the other sock yarn - the skein looks almost to pretty to knit though

Diane said...

OOOO I love the colors on your ebay yarn.

Rebekah said...

Love the birght pink! Thunder you are so stinking cute, I just want to cuddle you!

Annarella said...

Pink rocks!