Friday, July 07, 2006

Finally A Blanket Is Due

Remember I mentioned the trouble I had with the short row shoulder shaping on Kitsch last post? Well now I know why I couldn't do it! It only dawned on me as I was finishing the front that I had a lot less stitches left on my needle than I had for the back shoulder. DUH! Yep, I'd been trying to shape the back neck along with the shoulder. No wonder it wouldn't work out right. I was really pleased when I realised though, as now it should be nice and easy to short row. YAY!

Following last weeks visit to the vet poor Thunder was eventually cajoled out of hiding after several hours. Well, when I say cajoled I mean I had to rescue him from his hiding place as he hadn't eaten or drunk anything for ages. He was not going to come out on his own even though I'd been stroking him and trying to comfort him. So I had to 'remove' him and snuggled him real close which usually he lets me do for about a minute till he's off for some investigations. This time of course he let me hold him for quite a while longer.....poor thing.....but eventually had had enough and went and laid in his litter tray which also doubles as his chaise-longe. He looked so miserable and dejected still so we sat next to him and took it in turns to stroke and comfort him. Several hours later, he finally came out of his litter box and had some food and wandered round. And slowly he got back to his usual bouncy self. By the next morning he was totally back to normal and all was forgotten. Thank goodness! Boy that was worrying.....I'd never have dreamt he'd have reacted so badly. Poor baby.

I am so pleased that I've finally found a pattern for a blanket that I really like, no, to be correct, I LOVE IT! Yep, that fab Mason-Dixon Knitting book has worked its magic and while I was looking through spied the Log Cabin Blanket and had a sudden urge to dig out the current blanket WIP and frog it (yet again.....) and cast on. And would you believe it, I'm still working on it which is a major accomplishment I can tell you. Its so easy to pick up and the most headache free pattern I've come across.

Which has been really necessary this week as I've had headaches daily, as well as very bad asthma. No doubt its all to do with our heatwave and will no double settle down soon. It even involved a trip to the docs which I try to avoid if at all possible, but my meds are upped and my asthma is improving so thats good.

I reckon the Log Cabin Blanket would be superb as a stashbuster, especially for those sock knitters amongst us......I'd probably double the 4 ply sock yarn and add some leftover DKs as well. I wonder if I'm going to get addicted to the pattern.....

So meanwhile Kitsch is having a rest till the headaches are gone and I'm just working on my blanket which is so soothing. Doc did offer me tablets for headaches but I declined....take enough stuff for hayfever and asthma as it is.

I went ahead and ordered my beloved Bagsmith Project Bag which is a huge success. I've never bought a project bag before, maybe because I've never seen one I've fallen instantly in love with. But this one, oh yes, this one is good. Very, very good. Its happily replaced my rattan storage box and within 5 mins of arriving looked like this....I love the fact it stores balls of yarn! It is truly fabulous. And no doubt will replace other little small storage bags and boxes that holds odds and ends. Oh, and did I mention the other side has a plastic compartment for the pattern ;)

And lastly, a pic of me wearing Shingle in Rowan Cotton Tape which I finished the end of last summer, unfortunately too late to be able to wear it last year. I won't be making that mistake again this year :)


scarletprincess said...

Shingle looks lovely on you and I'm glad thunder came around. The project bag looks really good and useful.

Rebekah said...

Oh I love Shingle. It's beautiful.

That bag is amazing, I'm coveting it.

carrot said...

Just had to jot you a short note to say that I have a bag just like yours! It was a November birthday presentfrom my daughter and after using it since then I'm quite able to give it a credible testimonial. I've never had one I like better. In fact, I love it so much that I worry it'll wear out some day and I won't be able to find another and have seriously considered buying a second as a back-up bag :)!! Loved looking at your goodies too :); it seems we all carry the same stuff. Best of luck with your new bagsmith; I know you'll love it. Carol from San Diego, CA, USA

Kathleen said...

Shingle from last year looks great on you.
I'm also delving into Mason Dixon but I don't know where to begin, there's a good choice.

Anonymous said...

The cardigan looks really pretty - enjoy wearing it this year. The project bag looks great too. I usually make my own (I'm mostly a quilter) as I can add all sorts of pockets to my hearts content :-)