Saturday, August 05, 2006

Green With Envy

All this talk about Socks That Rock and even worse, the darn pictures, have been making me go green with envy for some time now. Yes, you know who you are!!! Jealousy is an I got to thinking. How could I justify getting some? I mean, Christmas is way too far off and I'm a Taurean. So of course I just don't do waiting. And my birthday has already gone so no good either. Then it dawned on's our wedding anniversary in September!!!

So I 'persuaded' DH that STR are the perfect anniversary gift. It only take a day or so for DH to agree - I knew he would, it was all a matter of time! Of course I could have just got them myself but then there might be guilt involved and where's the fun in that?

Talking about presents remember all the Dr Hauschka goodies I got for my birthday. Well I'm still using them all and have only had to replace the cleansing cream so far which great. The original lasted me well over 2 months and as I use it twice a day is excellent value. I LOVE that stuff. I'd never have thought I'd be addicted to the whole cleansing routine but I am. And as promised, I don't need to use any night creams, though I still put a drop of oil around my eyes to keep my eczema at bay!

The new autumn/winter knitting season has arrived at last. I say at last because I have been desperate to knit with 100% pure wool for a few weeks now. And finally, I can. Especially as Kitsch is now all knitted up. Just needs finishing and sewing up ;) I didn't quite make my July deadline, but it was only a couple of days after that I finally cast off her collar, which I shortened quite a bit. Didn't really fancy the sailor look you see.......

But I did manage to finish these lovely Opal Petticoat socks. They sure are purrty!

Anyway, back to the new season. First I got the latest Knit Simple. I'm not currently subscribed, as it ran out with the previous issue, not that anyone bothered to let me know! However, I'm rather glad I haven't resubscribed as I thought the new issue was rubbish. The adult designs were just ghastly. Kids stuff is good as usual, but thats not why I get it. So boy was I glad I'd only just purchased the single copy.

Next to arrive was the new Rowan Magazine 40 and once again it came early for UK subscribers. Yeah!!! BUT, I'm really not keen on this one. Looking through it reminded me of older Rowan magazines and was quite a disappointment. There are lots of colourwork designs which just isn't my thing and tons of designs using furry yarns!!! And I mean tons! Kid Silk Haze and Kid Classic are definitely the latest thing as it isn't just Rowan. Everyone is bringing out new mohair yarns and patterns. This is not a good thing, apart from my wallets point of view, in which case this is a good thing!

Of course I could sub, but it isn't always the same is it. And the thing is I don't find the designs at all inspiring. Nothing interested me.......nothing that grabs you and makes you rush to your LYS demanding the yarn immediately. Which is admittedly, rather unusual. There is generally at least one must have. Not this season. Not for me anyway. Must be quite a lot of disappointed people around though, as mohair must be the most common yarn allergy. Oh well, I've got plenty to be getting on with.

Well, going back slightly on what I've just said....... I do love this design, Cobweb. But again, its in KSH and I'm not sure if it will work in anything else. And not sure if I can be bothered to try either.

And I also love these Anna socks, but hey, they're just socks. Surely there must be more in the mag. But no. I'm definitely in the minority though on this issue as it is really popular, judging by the comments on the Rowan International forum. I noticed that there are a number of great mens sweaters, but again, no good for me. Everything is either too colourful, too furry, too fussy or for guys. Darn. You see, there is a lot of stuff in there, just nothing I would wear. Sob, sob :(

I haven't even mentioned the new yarns used in the book have I? Romance looks awful in the photos and from the composition I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. And in the flesh is like a neon light. Someone mentioned 'my little pony'. It reminded me of gaudy Christmas decorations.......

Tapestry though looks very nice and is ever so soft. Being a DK weight though wouldn't be my first choice for cold weather and of course I didn't like any of the patterns using it. There's a theme here isn't there.....

My local John Lewis has the Arwen Gown on display. Oh my. All that KSH.......not good. I had to do a very large detour around it to make sure none of the irritating fibres didn't find their way up my nose! I must admit it is quite amazing. And doesn't bear thinking about how long it took either.

So for the time being I won't be going on a Rowan spending spree which is probably a good thing as we have a lot going on at the moment. We're visiting my dad next weekend in London and will of course have to pop into Stash while we're there. I mean, it would be rude not to really.

And in September we're off to St Ives for a week and of course there are a couple of yarn shops that must be visited. Then its October and the Knitting & Stitch Show at Ally Pally. Whew! I'm getting all weary just thinking about it.

I haven't yet checked out all the new booklets and yarns yet although I've seen some - more on that next post........

See, even dear Thunder has his own cuddly toy. This is Lamby, and he's often dragged about the cage and often found hiding in the den at cleaning out time ;) We've realised Thunder is a very, very nosy rabbit. And also rather jealous. When I was feeding Custard the other day and had my back turned away, he decided he wasn't happy with the attention Custard was getting so jumped on my back! He is a naughty thing. But he does love Custard though and is always going over to have a look at what he's up to. Shame there's such a size difference though, I'm sure they'd make great playmates otherwise ;)


knit only but also said...

I am keen on a couple of Rowan 40 projects (Glade - involving KSH and Tapestry) but yes a lot are kind of fluffy. I quite like Rustic in the 4ply soft and scottish tweed 4ply, Aelf in the Kid Classic is quite nice but I personally think it would better in a different fibre (a cotton with sheen?) and Pampas is potentially a go-er too I love Thunder - he is darling. Theo and Rachel are best of buddies, but Rachel is a very stroppy bunny if you don't say hello to her first - she'll flip over her food bowl and go sulk in a corner, snotty child.

Piglottie said...

Our knitting group were drooling over Susoolu's Socks That Rock yarn the other week - the colours are divine. If you want to join the club though, I think there is a waiting list at the moment so you need to get your name down to stand a chance of joining next time.

Have to agree with you that I'm not too impressed with the new Rowan yarns from what I've seen. Romance just looks awful to me!

Annarella said...

I also like Cobweb and another couple of designs, but I let my sub elapse and haven't regretted it, I find it difficult justifying the price of the mag really. I appreciate there's tons of patterns in it, but as I only like a handful, it works out more expensive than I'd like it to be.

Tapestry looks lovely in the flesh, I love the feel and the colours, will probably buy some at some point.

Have fun at STASH and be prepared to spend a small fortune or at least be dangerously tempted to ;)


Mandella said...

I am itching to get my hands on some STR and hoping that someone has it at Ally Pally in October. I have two Jamieson & Smith kits ready to go, and I daren't buy a third. If there isn't any STR, I'll cry.

Chris said...

I hope you enjoy your STR!! Those Opal socks are lovely.

Hi, Thunder - naughty boy! You look very cute with Lamby.