Sunday, June 26, 2005

What a Lovely Day to Feed the Swans

It's been a gorgeous day today. Bit different from Friday's thunderstorms and Saturday's pretty much non-stop rain. So nice if fact that we had to go and find out how our local swans and their cygnets were doing. They have 6 babies now out of an original 8 and they're so gorgeous and fluffy. And daddy swan didn't even tell me off today! This is what they looked liked a few weeks ago.

I finished the Rowan shrug Iris last night so today got the ironing board out to start pressing it. This is the only time the ironing board comes out and definitely the only chance clothes get of being ironed. Ironing is one of those things I just don't believe in, so try to avoid whenever possible. You can tell I've got my priorities right :)

Will post a pic of Iris once its sewed up, which could be a day or two, or a few more depending on whether a sewing up mood descends on me or not. You can't rush these things you know.....

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Rebekah said...

Oh Baby Swans could there be anything uglier that's cuter.