Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cool Strawberry Stripe Bag

This is the lovely Strawberry Stripe Bag from Rowan's latest magazine no. 37. I changed the colours so it's not exactly strawberry but am really pleased with it. It looks great. Once I'd finished it I realised I needed some petersham ribbon for the strap otherwise it was just going to stretch and stretch and stretch. This turned into a real quest.

It started when I visited our local habedashery shop. They had it but not enough. So I tried a craft shop, who told me try the Fancy Dress shop, who sent me to the Cake Shop, who sent me to the Wedding Dress shop, who sent me to the Dance Wear shop, who said try the Fabric shop. I was beginning to think it was a wind up and me and my husband were just so amused. I ended having to go to my nearest shopping Mall in Bristol where I bought some in the lovely John Lewis. And no, I didn't buy any more yarn in there.

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