Friday, June 24, 2005

Thank you House of Fraser!

I am very pleased to annouce that my yarn collection has grown considerbly thanks to House of Fraser in Bristol. It was of course the start of the sales yesterday and it would just have been rude not to go. So I didn't disappoint. I was very pleased with my purchases and took no notice of the staff laughing to themselves about what size trolley I would need. Thankfully DH was with me and helped me carry it to his van. And no, we didn't need a van because I'd bought so much, it was because DH picked me up in it on his way home from work ;)

New additions to my collection are Chunky Print, 4 Ply Soft, Rowanspun DK, Jaeger MM DK, Rowanspun 4 Ply, Rowan HK Cotton and a tangled mess of Lurex Shimmer (job for DH) and also some Opal sock yarn which arrived yesterday from Ebay. Look at the size of the sock yarn balls!!!!!


littlelixie said...

Some serious stashing there. Do you like purple by any chance?!

Linda said...

I love sales. And it is irresponsible not to buy discontinued wool that you will later regret not buying. You have been a polite and responsible person.

scarletprincess said...

Wow! What a fix! If only we'd got such a selection!

Andrea said...

Was all that in the sales? Were they reduced significantly? I agree it would have been rudde not to go - you have to buy sale yarn whilst it's on offer!

RoxyKnits said...

Oh yes, all in the sale (except the sock yarn from Ebay) and discounted by at least 50%!!! Chunky Print was £30, Rowanspun DK £20, 4Ply Soft £20 and the Jaeger MM DK was £7 for 6 balls. Mostly in packs of 10 except for a few odd bits. Definitely well worth going & great for subbing any IK or VK patterns. The JL sale starts this Saturday..... though it's not usually as good as HoF but you never know your luck :)