Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Is It Spring Yet?

I had in my head the idea that I'd post once a month. Seemed fairly reasonable. Until I got the cold from hell that quite a few people have suffered with and it managed to wipe me out for over 2 weeks. Not fun at all. Needless to say, very little knitting got done ie. even less than usual! I have my DH to thank for the cold as he generously passed his on to me.

I got my own back though on his birthday by being really ill so we couldn't go out for a meal. The culprit this time looks to be an egg yolk. Trust me, you do not want to suffer from allergies and food intolerances. The egg caused another week of illness and flu like feeling. None of which is helping my weight gain. I'm already lactose intolerant and have to be careful with egg , milk & cheese, but for some reason I react much more to the tiniest amount of dairy nowadays so thats it for me with dairy from now on. Apart from butter which seems be ok.

On the good side, my strange red, blistering tongue allergy issues seem to have cleared up. One day I just looked at my tongue and could hardly recognise it. Its been a couple of years since I had a normal tongue, but there it was, all looking lovely as it should be. I have to thank homeopathy for that and am so pleased I can eat without getting blisters. Wonderful! Fingers all crossed it continues ;)

I had a review with my doctor and she's pleased with my current dosage. And taking the meds first things seems to work much better and I've had hardly any nausea or side effects. Yippee! I'm still trying to put on weight but haven't lost any more so thats a start.

I have to apologise for being behind on replying to posts and reading blogs. I'm the same with household post and bills too. They just seem to pile up and up.........

And for some knitting news. Not much but here we go. I got my 1st STR kit of the year and am super pleased with it. Makes me even more glad I rejoined. Isn't is pretty? I've actually just got the 2nd kit (can you tell I started this post a while back but never managed to actually post it....) which is gorgeous. As its newish I won't post a pic yet, but will do next time.

The lush Jailhouse Rock STR socks are done and dusted and have been several times. I love them. Can't get over their amazing colours.

Remember the Evolution I showed last post? Well they're being knitting into bed socks and I've finished the first sock and working on the second. It was real slow going for a while, they yarn is really soft but has no elasticity, and I started to lose interest. But now I've tried the sock on, I love them. Boy is this stuff soft. Won't be hardwearing, but I don't need them to be. So hopefully it won't take too much longer to get the 2nd one done. It's already taking forever as it is. Then I can get back to my favourite STR ;)

I didn't buy any yarn at all in Feb or March. I thought the new Rowan mag was uninspiring and neither VKI or IK had anything that really excited me. I managed to find a preview of Rowan Studio 9 that has Calmer designs but didn't like that either. Oh well, at least I can't spend what I don't have. But surely there must at least a booklet I can get! I mean, to go another month without knitting purchases is unheard of. I don't count subscriptions but I've even cut down on those. And may cut down on Let's Knit as well if the next issue is as awful as the one before last. Shame as that one seeemed to be different to the others at first.

Update: I managed to make knitting related purchases - only small ones and not yarn but much wanted.

This is just a perfect easter picture and just made me laugh. Can't imagine Thunder like that :)

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter. We had a nice quiet one. Wasn't the weather awful though? Thank god it won't be that early for a long time.

This is a photo of what my windscreen looked like after being vandalised a week last Friday night. Yes, it was outside my house and CSI have been and taken photos and measurements as there were footprints all over the bonnet. As well as scratches and dents. Hmm, teenagers are definitely not my favourite species at the moment! As if we haven't got enough stuff going on as it is! But its now been replaced so once more driveable.

I'll leave you with this video. I don't whether to laugh or cry. It takes spoiling animals to a whole new level. The last part is just unbelievable! And there's more on this one, it looks all quite normal at first, then just gets crazier and crazier....... the quality isn't great and the sound track is urmm, not my thing but you have to just watch it :)


juliet said...

Hi there!
That knitting is wonderful, the evolution socks look like dream socks (or at least as I imagine fluffy dream cloud socks looks like - very pretty), hopefully you're on the mend and getting better - at least with a non blistering tongue you'll be able to enjoy food more!

Madge said...

Welcome back, sweetie! Well, it's spring here, and we're all running around with allergies, too. Ah, I hope you're feeling better and enjoying the warmer weather!

Your Evolution bed socks are so soft and pretty looking. Can't wait to see your STR sock club socks, too.


Queen of the froggers said...

Lovely socks and your socks that rock package looks a great colourway! Spring is coming (our snowman is still there though!!) so here is to sunny days, feeling healthier ( I am on my 4th cold since xmas too) and lovely knitting! xx

Chris said...

Yikes! Your poor car. :( I'm glad you're feeling better now - you have really had a time of it, haven't you.

But at least you have lots of STR to comfort you. :)

Mandella said...

Thanks for the update. It's good to read that you're making progress with the allergy issues. Shame about the car though. It's so sad that people will do such things.

Curly Cable said...

Hope you are starting to feel better from that pesky cold, and the egg incident, crikey it seems like you are going through one thing after another. Good news about your tongue clearing though.

What lovely socks you have made, the Jailhouse socks are superb, lovely colours and the Evoloution socks are really pretty and look super soft.

Thanks for the animal clips, that bunny is really cute, but I agree I don't think your Thunder would be impressed at all. lol! Not sure what to make of the animal videos, it makes you wonder about some people doesn't it, how bizarre.

Sorry to hear and see the mess of your car, not at all what you want to wake up to... makes you wonder who their parents are... I bet they wouldn't like it happening to them and the distress it causes

Take care Roxy xx