Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oops & Birthday Celebrations!!!

Here are the finished lovely Evolution bedsocks :) Lovely and cozy to wear. Unfortunately they only lasted a week! Read on........I have a couple of stupid things to own up to!

The first would be putting the bedsocks in the washing machine. It does say gentle machine wash on the label, and I've put plenty of socks in there before though not STR ones as I learnt from that mistake! Although they never ruined the socks thankfully ;)

So I was rather suprised when they turned out like this........DH was laughing his head off though I think he's more bothered about it than I am. Not much I can do about it is there. So if anyone has a little girl that wants some felted socks, just let me know. They were lovely while they lasted....... and now I know Evolution felts like a dream :(

The other stupid, or daft thing just shows why I can't follow patterns any more. I'd been working on and off on my Colinette Point 5 jacket and decided to sew up the ends on the final 2 pieces left in the lounge. The rest I'd already pressed in a mad half hour ironing spree. So there I was, trying to make sure the ends didn't show on what would be the zip sides of the front, but I couldn't understand why I had so many joins on those sides. Usually I only join in yarn on fronts where it will be hidden in seams. Anyway, as puzzled as I was I carried on quite content. I then laid out both the fronts and got totally freaked out as I couldn't get them to match up. One seemed to be shorter than the other and I just couldn't work out why. I spent 10 mins trying to match them up but eventually gave up and went to bed, figuring I'd try and work it out the following day.

The next day arrived and whilst I was pottering about it suddenly dawned on me. I'd been trying to 'match' the sleeves to one another. The fronts were upstairs already pressed!!! I never used to be stupid, honest. But its one of the side effects of either the illness or the meds. It's rather funny when you think about it, but slightly worrying how long it takes me to figure out what on earth I've done.

But I have been getting better and am managing to make the Firebird socks from the STR kit quite nicely thank you ;) Curly Cable inspired me when I saw how lovely hers were looking on Ravelry and I've already finished one sock. I only knitted the cuff for 5" as I don't like my socks too high, but realised after working the foot long enough to try it on that 5" would have been ok as the sock has a garter stitch heel which is alot shorter than my usual heel flap heel. It didn't matter anyway as when I tried the finished sock on, it fit perfectly :) I'm now working on the 2nd sock and can't wait till their finished. I thought I'd taken a pic of it but haven't so you'll have to wait till next time ;)

The lovely Curly Cable nominated me for the You Make My Day Award a while back and I was chuffed to bits so thank you very much :) My nominees are:

Knit Only But Also for her fabulous style (we like the same things lol), wacky humour, awesome knitting, superb finishing, kindness and for being my blog friend ;) She always makes me laugh and goes on fab trips and makes me jealous with wonderful photos.

KnitDevil for being a wonderful cyber pal who's so much fun, generous beyond words, incredibly kind and makes me laugh even when things get tough. She got me my KP Harmony's AND my STR sock blockers. KnitDevil also has a wicked stash which I love to watch grow on Ravelry!

I could nominate some more but then the post would never ever get finished.........

And the reason for another post so soon (for me anyway) is that its my 40th Birthday on Wednesday! I know, I'm quite shocked too. How did this happen? Knowing how long I usually leave it till posts thought I'd announce before rather than weeks later..... I'm going to a local spa for a top-to-toe day and DH is coming with me until after lunch when he'll come home and clean the house whilst I continue being massaged and generally pampered. They know I've been ill a while so its no problem if I need to crash out at any time. I have to get up earlier than I'm used to so that will be quite a shock. I'm looking forward to it and my homeopath did suggest massage therapy :)

I had a good doctors visit last Friday and she was really pleased with my progess. The black bags and listlessness are gone and its nice to have someone notice improvements. We discussed ME/CF again as my energy levels are still pretty non existent. But baby steps are the way to go and I'm managing my 5-8 min daily walks quite nicely. In addition CF would be treated the same way as depression anyway, so I continue on the meds, take plenty of vits and go on my little walks. She also suggested trying yoga or yogalates too. I've done yoga before and really enjoyed it so that will be good for rainy days. Like today!

Of course I can't go without leaving you with with this unusual animal video. Our animals are all well and healthy and currently Roxy is sat in his new sand bath looking really cute and trying to chew the ceramic edge. He's rather puzzled why he can't. Bless. There is a reason we bought a ceramic one to replace the chewed plastic one!


Chris said...

Happy birthday!!! Bummer about the socks, tho... Glad you're feeling better!

gilraen said...

Happy birthday!! I too felted an Evolution sock, but was lucky that it was a child's one.

Keep geting better!! :)

blueadt said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks for the warning re Evolution I'll make sure I hand wash mine when they're knitted up.

Enjoy the massage etc. I'll think of you whilst I'm at work ;-)

Curly Cable said...

Happy Birthday Roxy. Hope your having a super time. Good on your hubby too for volunteering to clean the house for you too. What a shame about your Evolution Socks, they are so pretty. those pesky washing machines have a lot to answer to at times. So pleased to hear you are feeling better, just don't try to do too much to soon. Thank you for the duplicate mention, I'm getting there slowly with the Firebird socks and look forward to seeing progress pics of yours soon. Take Care, I will send you a e-mail really soon x x

Queen of the froggers said...

I did that to my lovely socks last week too and I also turned them a horrid greeny!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great time and get really spoilt. Take care and keep getting better, slow but sure is best I reckon. xxxx

Mandella said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday, congratulations.

Sorry about the socks. I've never had that happen, but if it did I would be gutted.

Kath said...

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and belated Many Happy Returns for that. I'm so sorry to read of your ill health. I've not been keeping up with blogs of late either and it was a shock to hear of yours. I do hope you are on the road to recovery and hope that the improving weather and the approach of (dare I say it?!) Summer helps lift your spirits. Mental Hugs on their way to you - Get well soon!

Madge said...

Aw, sweetie, right back atcha! Your blog is one of the first I started reading, and I'm so glad we've become pals.

I also feel like a complete dork. I haven't been reading blogs/email as quickly as I should, and didn't see your post until today. Please forgive me for not being more on it, and missing your birthday. I hope it was WONDERFUL, because you deserve it!

*big hugs and kisses*

Diane said...

Happy Birthday

littlelixie said...

Afraid I've tagged you...details on my blog.

Juliet said...

Maybe you can display the socks as art-work - they look like they should be artfully displayed!!! (I agree the felting looks exquisite). Hope you had a fabby birthday and were spoiled rotten. I have never tried to match sleeves - but now you have put it in the subconscious I am sure I will at some stage, I did use to knit three sleeves a lot when the kids were small, and I used to do a lot of fair isle to make sure I kept things even.