Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm Back

We had a fantastic time in Langkawi, Malaysia and can thoroughly recommend it. Where else could you see monkeys every day around the resort, monitor lizards walking around the grounds and round the swimming pool and even occasionally taking a dip in the pool, squirrels just everywhere - in trees, on balconies and anywhere they could jump to. Usually you have to do some touring to see the amount of wildlife we did, but we definitely picked the best resort. Not is it called the forest by the bay for nothing! And the amount of birds was unbelievable and the sound all the wildlife made in forest has to be heard to be believed. Boy these critters can be loud. We saw a fabulously beautiful type of pelican but have no idea of the exact name. It really was a wildlife lovers paradise. Bliss. So much so that I didn't miss Thunder and Co as much as I thought I would. I had too many other creatures to occupy my thoughts.

Thunder is so pleased to have his parents home and is just like a playful puppy. He has so much energy and just bounces round the room playing games. The chinchillas are sulking a bit but thats usual. They'll be ok in a couple of days. Custard seems to have enjoyed himself and is quite happy.

I only did a small amount of sock knitting whilst away. A bit in the airport lounge at KL waiting for our connection flight and one afternoon sitting on our balcony in the forest listening to all the wildlife singing their songs. A lovely idea but guaranteed to get you bitten by a mosquito or 2. And on our last day waiting to be picked up from our resort. And that was it. Not much at all and I didn't miss it either. The yarn is Regia Silk by the way, and fabulously soft and silky.

Now of course I'm full of ideas and desparately need to decide which project to start next. I've kind of gone off the Linen Drape top I was making so that might get frogged. And as I finished almost all my WIPs and all of my finishing before we went, there's nothing left waiting for me to finish. Yeah!!!

I forgot to mention last post that the pics were pretty lousy and that Elspeth had had her picture taken before she was pressed so looked a bit worse for wear. Not surprising after the amount of crochet I frogged on her. After pressing though she was transformed. I took her and my holiday poncho Martini and am so glad I did. The evenings could have a slight breeze and being a cold person meant I needed something on my shoulders. And Elspeth was perfect for any any outfits in white, aqua and blue, whilst Martini was superb for any in pink,cream, beige and brown. I hadn't realised this at the time I packed but wow what a great choice of colours that was.

I do have one FO to show you that I spent knitting the night before we went - an iPod Sleeve. My DH decided he liked my iPod case so told me I'd better make myself a new one. And this was the result and I was very pleased indeed. I only took my iPod Shuffle rather than original iPod so there was plenty of room for headphones in the bag, and the drawstring worked really well. What a great way to use up some leftover Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn! Now I have matching iPod sleeve and ankle socks ;)

Of course I'll post some holiday pics once I've got through them, which could take a while as I took so many......


Rebekah said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I just saw a news clip about monitor lizards. They have become a huge problem in Florida, they are thriving but aren't native so are hurting the native animals.

Thunder is adorable getting his snuggles.

juliet said...

welcome back - I missed you!!!

Chris said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely time!! It sounds wonderful.

Oh, and that picture of Thunder is so sweet... Great ipod bag! I have a sort of necklace I knitted for my shuffle out of leftover sock yarn, and I LOVE it.

Annarella said...

Hiya, welcome back!

Your holiday sounds divine, you lucky thing! xxx

scarletprincess said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to the pictures.