Friday, June 23, 2006


The lovely vest top in Calmer that has been so easy to knit requires a crochet picot edge. I kind of ignored this fact, as the memories of Elspeth's crochet edging shennanigans are still too clear. But now I have to face the fact that I have to do it again. Please, please let it be easy this time......

And whilst knitting the top I again was reminded how useful my Denise Needles are. I might not use them a great deal but when I do, boy are they handy. I was worried that the tube part of the top would be too small as its all ribbing. So what did I do? Added some cords and put stoppers on the ends so I could try it on. Perfect. They were definitely a great buy.

The Linen Drape vest top got frogged and I started the Silk Vest from Last Minute Knitted Gifts using the Linen Drape. That idea lasted all of 10 minutes before I frogged it again. Realised that lace and Linen Drape are not good partners and then found a lovely halterneck vest top in that dreaded Rebecca magazine I nearly sold on Ebay. BUT I checked the pattern first and all seems ok. And the gauge is spot on to Linen Drape so fingers crossed I get a bit further with this top. The omen was good as I just cast on a load of stitches and thought I'd count them later. And when I checked, I'd casted on 194 and actually needed 196. How cool is that. It was all looking so promising.......

Of course this was not to be. For some reason using the smallest size Denise needle is not very easy, the stitches have to be persuaded over the joins. This doesn't happen with larger sizes, just this one. So I started to get arm ache, yet again, so another WIP on hold for the moment.

So I started Kitsch from Rowan Magazine No. 37 in the lovely now discontinued Cotton Tape. This is my own colourway and very bright and colourful it is. Its lovely to knit with and even all those stripes and joins aren't putting me off.

Meanwhile I've fallen in love with this design from Blue Sky Alpacas. It's gorgeous. So I ordered it from Loop and delivery arrived as promised, after 3/4 days all wrapped up in pretty tissue paper. I'm not using the recommended yarn as it would just be too costly and the alternatives contain cotton so no good for me. Don't want another project sitting around waiting to be done because it hurts too much to knit.

So current alternative choices are Noro Kochoran or Colinette Point Zero. Jury is out on this one but I'm planning on going to this years Knit & Stitch Show at Ally Pally so maybe I'll get the yarn while I'm there. I already have some Kochoran waiting patiently to be knitted into a lovely sweater, so can't really justify buying any more till I've done that.

I don't know whats going on with at the minute. First my order of Mason-Dixon Knitting gets confirmed with an August delivery, yet is supposed to be ready to ship in 24 hours. Then my order gets split and I get charged postage. All due to technical errors. Oh boy, what is going on. Oh I'm having the postage refunded but having to send 2 emails on 1 order isn't good. Lets hope the technical glitches get fixed asap.

On the subject of technical glitches, my local tenny weeny library and all the libraries in the area have finally joined forces and you can reserve a book in any of them and have it delivered to your nearest one for 50p a book. Excellent idea. No more buying knitting books sight unseen and being disappointed and having to sell them on Ebay. Well thats the idea, but in practice bit more of a challenge. As I mentioned the new system has what you'd call teething troubles. Ordered books never arrive as the library doesn't get the request.....the wish list doesn't work so all the books I'd added to my wish list just vanished into thin air. It will get better of course and we have another large area near us joining the same system so we'll have even more choice. I've had a few books, but nothing worth mentioning yet.

I have some more pics of me wearing some of my FOs. First is Kitty in Cotton Braid. She was going to be a holiday beach top as is my previous Kitty but somehow has turned into a proper summer top. The beach is one of our local ones, the ones on holiday were far more beautiful!

And secondly we have me wearing Chardonnay. She is ever so pretty and delicate and I have to admit, not really 'me'. I don't think I've ever been decribed as 'delicate'....and that picture focuses on a certain part of my anatomy which doesn't help either. She was easy to knit but I wouldn't make anything similar again. We live and learn though.

Apologies for the late post but the reason is below:

Yes its a PSP and its mine. Recognize the game anyone? It's Lemmings. Pure addictive fun! Its a gift from DH for doing his accounts. Except that I got the gift before I've actually submitted them and its really hard tearing myself away....normal service will be resumed shortly I'm sure ;)

Lastly, a big thank you for the wonderful comments I've had. I try to reply to each if I have an email address but I've had some recently that really touched me so thank you very much, they mean a great deal to me!


Mary said...

Glad I'm not the only one having problems with Amazon - it seems to be in a mess at the moment. On a more positive note, love the Cotton Tape colourway!

Chris said...

I've been reading horror stories all over the place about Amazon recently. How odd - usually they're great!

I LOVE that picture of you on the beach in Kitty - so flattering!!

Linda said...

Your Kitsch is looking lovely. The colourway is very lovely. I've always liked that design but thought I wouldn't get enough wear to khit it.

knit only but also said...

I love the knitted tops - they are both gorgeous and you look wonderful in both of them. Your stripey kitsch knitting is in really fabulous colours - the remind me of a lot of 1950s things my mum has.