Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's All Go

Everything has all gone a bit manic around here. Why is it everything always happens just before you go away? The plans for Thunder to go to his holiday home had to be changed and he's now staying at home with the chinchillas and Custard. He'll have less company of course but at least he knows his surroundings and can chat to Roxy, Roo & Chilli. He'll be visited at least once a day but I expect will be most unimpressed with not being out for hours each evening.....c'est la vie!

The road tax on my car runs out while we're I'll have to get that a day or 2 before we're off. I have a lovely new linen holiday skirt that we got last summer that has no matching top so we've got to try and find one. And though I wasn't going to have my hair cut till I was back I changed my mind the other day. Luckily I got an appointment ok.

The emergency trip to the dentist has thankfully been and gone and I was in and out within 10 minutes! And in that time the dentist did a few minutes drilling WITHOUT AN INJECTION!!! Oh it took hours for me to calm down after that. But filling was duly repaired and it was all over very quickly.

Last but not least, we have a new working electricity meter. Whew!!!

The suitcases are finally out though as usual I'm behind with packing. We're still having to get stuff - not for me of course, but my DH! Of course I do all the organising, packing and arranging and its not till the last minute till I find out he's not got this or that.....I don't know why I'm surprised. It's the same every year!

What I wouldn't give to be able to start a new project and just sit and knit for a few hours each's not to be though till I get back so for the time being I'll just have to get on with finishing :(

I was kind of hoping to sort of just leaving the finishing and hope a fairy comes while we're away to do it all for me. Well, you never know do you? But unfortunately DH said you are taking that with you aren't you - meaning Elspeth. Darned, so I've had to tackle the ties. You would think that 2 teeny weeny ties wouldn't be fiddly would you, but they were. I really shouldn't have been surprised as every bit of crochet related to Elspeth has been a challenge. Anyway she will be ready in time as I've only got to sew them on, and even I can manage that.

She does look lovely though and after all the crochet edging challenges, fits really well and looks gorgeous. I really like her in plain stocking stitch too rather than lace, as I'm not really a delicate kind of gal!

It is quite amazing what you can accomplish once you get your head round it and just actually get on with it. Yes, my lovely bag is sewn up and is ever so pretty though she won't be accompanying me on our travels. Interesting this new pink shade of Summer Tweed did not have the same smell as the previos ST I'd used and so did not smell like someone had died once damp and being pressed. Thankfully.....

And in the same evening I sewed up the side seams of Kitty and did the crochet edging on her too. Wow, there's just no stopping me! I made the front in a S, and the back in XS and she fits much better than my previous one. She will be accompanying me on hols and will be one of my beach tops. Did I mention how soft & soothing Cotton Braid is on your skin so just perfect for the beach.

Did you think that was it? I'd finished the Socka Polycon socks days ago and they're are lovely and comfortable. I'll be taking these with me - perfect flight socks.

I got kicked off the Rowan discussion forum! Not for bad behaviour or anything like that, just that my membership expired and I was waiting for the new gift to appear before renewing. Then to my surprise I couldn't log on. But as soon as the renewal gift changed I quickly renewed my subscription and now I'm allowed back on the site. Hopefully the gift will arrive before we're off.

I found there's a business centre in KL airport that has showers, hot food, tea, coffee, beer, massage chair (I want one!), internet access, TV, games etc for about £12. So no surprise where we'll be spending out 5.5 hours transit time. At least it will pass quite comfortably and I'll be happy with internet access.

Our resort has internet access too so no doubt I'll be checking that from time to time. Its a long time for me to be away from my beloved iBook you see ;) Knitting wise I'm planning on taking some sock yarn on the flight in case I get the urge to knit or need something to do to help me drift off to sleep but that will be it. Our holidays abroad are the one time when we like a complete change - that means no no TV for DH and no knitting for me. As I only knit in the evenings when the TV is on anyway at home it makes a superb break and I come back all refreshed with lots of ideas and eager to start a new project.

I'll leave you with the 8 new baby cygnets from our resident swans.

See you when I get back ;)


Mary said...

Well done on all the finishing. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Chris said...

Wow, you are finishing up a storm!

Have a great time on holiday - and thanks for sharing the cygnets!!

Mandella said...

It's lovely to see someone so productive.

Shame about Thunder, but he'll cope. I'm lucky. I sit with the neighbours' cat for 30 mins every day they're away, they sit with my rabbit (and watch our Sky TV). Works for all of us.

Have a great holiday. See you when you get back.

Faerynuff said...

Have a fantastic time!

We used a travellers lounge in Hong Kong airport en route to New Zealand last year. It really made a difference!

Annarella said...

All the challenges on Elspeth have definitely been worth it, it's looking great, now just waiting for a modelled shot ;)


Anonymous said...

I love all of your creations!! I'm so jelous!!! I hope to get to that point someday in my knitting...Deena