Friday, April 21, 2006

I've Cracked It

At last I managed to conquer that darned crochet edging on Elspeth. In the end I did the picot row with a 2.5mm crochet hook instead of a 3.5 and still missed some DCs out. Oh boy was it hard work! I've done plenty of crochet edgings and never had any trouble with any of them. They were all simple and easy to work and looked great, even with my limited crochet skills. Phew, I'm real glad it's over with....just the arms now to do!

I really can't explain why its taken so long for the 2nd Lana Grossa sock to get done. I just seem to have totally gone off sock knitting. Yes, unbelievable but true! Maybe its been the challenge of that darned edging and the other finising thats just taken over my sock knitting time. Thats the downside of knitting summer tops and smaller items like bags. So much finishing to be done!

Talking of socks, I found one in the washing machine. Nothing unusual you think? But this one was wrapped round the drum! I just saw what looked like a bit of fluff and found it was the top of a sock (my DHs of course...). I pulled and half of it came out then jammed. So no washing could be done and it kind of explained the peculiar noise the machine had been making recently. Of course once DH was home he managed to get the whole sock out. I just wonder how many more are hidden in there. I'd heard about machines eating socks, but had never experienced it myself. Oh my, what if it eats one of my precious handknitted socks!!!!!

I kind of feel I wasted my weekend finishing time on the sari silk bag. It is done and I really do not like it. It doesn't hang straight and although blocking would help, I'm really disappointed with the bamboo handdles. They don't hang straight either and I think they look rather cheap and tacky. And to make things even worse, they are also very uncomfortable to hold. So the bag is going in the charity bag. I didn't bother to line it.....just not worth it. So a disappointment overall and no, I won't be using recycled sari silk again. The variety in quality and different thicknesses just do not do it for me I'm afraid. It wasn't helped by the skein I bought consisting of 2 very different colours and thicknesses, as you can see from the pics. I did like the colour of the side shown in the first pic though. Oh well, we live and learn eh :(

So still no new bag so of course I went back to my favourite Emma King book 25 Bags to Knit and have started another bag from there. Should do the trick lovely.

I did have some good news though. As you can see in the pic I've finished the back of Flame, and would you believe it, I managed to get away with using slightly under 2 balls which is great news as I'll have enough to finish her. She won't be able to have the tie straps but thats fine, as I wasn't too keen on those anyway.

Thunder and Custard had a close encounter the other day. The little escapee Custard ran over to where Thunder was and guess who was scared! Yep, you guessed it, Thunder who is so much bigger than wee little Custard was the scaredy rabbit! It was really quite funny. And a couple of evenings previously I had Custard on one side of the sofa and Thunder on the other, and they just totally ignored each other. Weird eh?

This evening it finally felt like a real spring evening - for the first time this year it was warm and sunny. Lets hope it continues eh....


Linda said...

I know I've commented on it before, but that stripey pink, oh so pink, yarn is the prettiest yarn I've ever seen.
I threw out a top I sewed into the charity bin, becuse the fit wasn't right, last week. It was liberating. I'm going to do it more. There's a Rowan vest that I'm thinking of cutting down to a cushion. Why give them space?

Chris said...

Those are great socks!

Bummer about the bag - your experience pretty much confirms my assumption that I would hate knitting with that yarn.

Yikes! re: the sock! Maybe toss the handknit ones into a lingerie bag?? I'm mostly handwashing all my socks now, even the superwash ones - seems like even the superwash ones slowly shrink when washed in the machine...

Looking forward to seeing more of Flame!

And um, who's Custard??

Kathleen said...

Those socks look great, such lovely colours. As for the bag, someone will love it, even if you don't yourself, but it's a shame to have gone to that trouble. Ever had a bra underwire caught in your washing machine drum? ;-)

Annarella said...

Wow woman, so much knitting! Do you ever sleep? ;)


Stephanie said...

I too have purchased the recycled silk and did not like the way it knitted up. I made a shawl - twice. It is still in shawl form but I would never use it. When I saw that bag I thought hey . . . oh no. So maybe I'll end up donating mine as well. I don't like how some areas are super chunky and others are very very thin.