Friday, April 28, 2006

Doesn't Time Fly

The annual craft fair at Shepton Mallet was on last weekend so on a gloriously sunny Saturday off we went. We had to take the very scenic route due to roadworks but had a fabulous drive enjoying all the lovely scenery. We really are lucky to have so much beauty all around us. I have to admit I wasn't greatly looking forward to the fair as it is a very average fair, and if it wasn't for Web Of Wool I probably wouldn't bother. But to my surprise there were some new exhibitors including Taj Yarns so I was quite happy. Shopping was restrained as expected, but I'm really pleased with the bits I got. The 3 balls of bargain Rowan Big Wool Tuft will be for a scarf that I wanted to make last year and finally I had a chance to fondle some Regia Silk and it is indeed lovely and very soft and silky. So of course I got 2 balls - and some more Clover accesories as you can never have enough of those can you ;)

On the drive home we stopped off at the new garden Centre in Cheddar which was very nice and managed to find another food bowl for Thunder. He has more than one but hates the ceramic one and chucks it over as soon as it goes in his cage. Finnicky thing he is. So now he has a plastic rounded one that is exactly the same as the bowl that came with the cage and peace is restored at feeding time as he most definitely approves of this one.

My recent post mentioning Custard made me realise that many readers might not have seen him before, as I've not posted a pic of him for ages. Bad hamster mum that I am! So here he is. He's getting on a bit these days but is still as much a houdini as he's always been. Just getting thinner now!

I also forgot to mention last post that my copy of FCEK & Crochet arrived from the US and luckily it was as good as before and I was pleased. It certainly was much better than Knit Simple. I expect when the next issue is due I'll get it again as it only seems to be printed twice a year.

After my recent slowness with sock knitting I've played catch up and have another sock for you. I have so much enjoyed knitting this sock. Partly due to the muted pastel colours - so very different to my normal brights - but also due to the yarn itself. Its Socka with Polycon and is a really bouncy yarn, if that makes any sense. I just love the way it feels and looks. Sock no. 2 has been started and is currently waiting a heel flap. I love this yarn so much I got another colour at the fair - must be in my pastel phase.....

Finishing has been very poor this week I'm afraid as I just haven't been in the mood. It seems the closer to holiday I get the less finishing I'm doing. Strange isn't it. There will be a sudden mad rush to get it all done no doubt as I won't want to leave anything unfinished before I go.

There has been the 3 accident syndrome again. First my lovely expense glass electronic scales go kapput, not helped by me dropping them first. Then I discovered my electricity meter is no longer working. And the third is I have a filling that is starting to crumble away, which is of course just what you want a few weeks before your holiday. Such is life eh!

We had a little day trip to Cornwall which was lovely though very tiring, and ended it sitting in a cafe by a beach watching the waves crashing up on some rocks. It was very beautiful though I didn't have my camera with me so no pics I'm afraid.

I'm finally well on the way to getting me a new knitted bag after the sari silk saga. This is one side of her and she is lovely and bright. The other side is almost done and I've done both sides the same rather than have a front and back. I wonder how the handle will hold up as that part won't get lined. All my other bags have had handles attached. Mind you, only shoulder bags get lined straps so maybe nothing to worry about....


Mary said...

Sounds like the show was fun. We were in Somerset a week too early for it unfortunately. Probably better for my wallet that way!

blueadt said...

Custard is a cutie! Vince would have loved to have met him in the bathroom wall & wants to know if he fancies meeting her after dark?

Cherry Rolfe said...

That is a lovely sock!
On the Hamster front - just thought I'd warn you that as my daughter's hamster aged she used to play dead and be cold and still for a day or so before reawakening. In the end we left her until we were really sure she was gone (I will spare you details) before we ceremonially passed her to the Hamster Daddy in the Sky

Linda said...

Lily and I love Custard the Hamster. Nothing can surpass your pink stripey Regia socks, I'm sorry - loveliest socks in the world!

Annarella said...

I love your pretty bag! So sweet - I'd definitely line the strap though, have one bag without lining and have never worn it as every time I try it on it stretches further :(


knit only but also said...

That bag is gorgeous - a very summery bag! I can imagine on a celebrity and sparking a huge "must-have" craze, it is really pretty. By the way is that hamster trained to model? Our new hamster is very sweet but couldn't stand still to save herself.

Chris said...

Hi Custard!

Oh, you picked up some very cool yarns. I wish Regia Silk would get wider distribution in the US.

I love that bag!!