Friday, April 07, 2006

Crochet Picot Edge and Insanity

Its been so sunny here at last that we had our first trip of the year to the beach on Sunday and ate chips on the pier. Only downside was the FREEZING WIND! Boy did that go right through us.....should have worn hat, scarf & gloves. We had fun though and DH won me some cuddly toys. Will I ever grow up? Nope ;)

My Sunday finishing day worked wonders to start with and I finally started to tackle the crochet edging on Elspeth. By Sunday evening I had done DC all the way round, and boy did that take a little while. I'd forgotten how much you need to concentrate on crochet when doing an edging and it made my eyes go all googly. No way was I even going to think about the crochet picot edging till another day. Enough was enough! I did actually try reading the instructions but that was enough to give me brain damage so I gave up. My poor brain was in need of a rest.

So the next day I reread the instructions and now they made perfect sense. I'd read all about peoples troubles with the edging and so made sure it lied flat. BUT, the problem is, we're not 2 dimensional and our bodies are definitely not flat. I won't bore you with the details but after numerous attemps with the picot edging worked over different stitches, missing stitches etc etc, I finally admitted defeat. It looked awful on and the edging was just stuck out looking oh so crap. So yes, I realised I had to right back to the beginning and redo all the DCs on fewer stitches.... so now I've frogged the edging, and thats it for the time being. I gotta have a break now before I totally lose what few marbles I have remaining!

To try and keep my sanity I also worked on Sophie, one of 2 WIPs I have from last year. You can read about all the fun and games I had with her back then here, here, and even here. But this time I was determined she would cause me no trouble, and after a couple of false starts, she was as good as gold. I made sure I marked both sides of the increases to make sure I didn't go wrong anywhere and it worked a treat. So she is knitted up and now waiting for finishing.

I had planned to start another summer top but somehow instead finally wound up my skein of Recycled Sari Silk which had hidden herself in the lounge, together with bamboo bag handles. You know, the kind of project you don't bother putting away properly as 'it will only take 5 minutes'. But of course this is never true. Oh if only. But she kind of spoke to me and a quick look at few online patterns for an idea of gauge and style I wanted, and I was off. The cast on row and following row were most offputting. Sari silk is very rigid indeed, and it was almost like knitting with wire. But after a few rows it became much easier and quite enjoyable. And so in an evening I had one side of a bag. I weighed the skein so that I could keep checking how much I had left for the other side. Don't want to end up with one short side now do we?

What had surprised me is how firm the knitted fabric is. I expected it to be much softer. I used 5mm needles, which is really about the smallest size I could get away with, and the result is fabulously firm,, which is exactly whats need for a bag. I might, just might, even get away without a lining. I won't know till she's sewn up though and it may not be worth the risk. But she sure is pretty, and heavy! This is some seriously solid yarn.

A couple of other points I noted, this stuff sheds! All over yourself, the sofa, etc etc. No way would I want to wear it myself either. Great for a bag or make up bag, but couldn't imagine wearing it. It would also be rather heavy. It also just kind of fell apart in a couple of places while knitting with it, but this is a yarn that doesn't mind a join mid row, so not a problem. Don't let this put you off, these are just my thoughts and I'm sure I will make something else with it one day. Its just not what I'd call a day-to-day yarn, if that makes any sense.

At the beginning of the week the lovely Buttercup kit arrived from Kim Hargeaves. I got another lovely email from her regarding the unusual delay which was lovely. It is nice when someone takes the time to explain and I was most impressed, though of course it was only a week. I have to admit to peeking in the kit too. Shhhh - don't tell my DH - he doesn't know! The pattern is printed really really well and I'm so glad it doesn't have a chart. I kind of realised after ordering that it was lace and sometimes you get a chart, but thankfully its written out. I just cannot read charts. Cross stitch charts yes, knitting no. Unless its intarsia. Anything really, as long as its not lace..... it all leads to even more insanity you see :)


Chris said...

Oh, my brain is going all googly just THINKING about the crochet edging on Elspeth!!

That's going to be a very cute bag - I think I would line it to keep the yarn from shedding on the stuff I was carrying in the bag.

Hope you have a lovely, frustration-free weekend!

knit only but also said...

Yikes edgings are always the worst aren't they - they were of course invented by the malacious to prevent us from wearing our creations. The Sari silk is fabulous once knitted but it is like knitting gardening twine (though it is a lot softier/silkier once washed). I think Taj yarns do the washed version as well.

Joy said...

Sounds like you've been VERY busy! I can't wait to see how Buttercup comes out!

Linda said...

At the risk of raining on your picnic, I have never been happy with my Elspeth's edging, but I couldn't redo it because I paid a knitting shop to do it, since I can't crochet. I've looked at the sari yarn but been bewildered by what to make with its loveliness. It seems too scratchy for clothes.

Mandella said...

Although I used to do a lot of crochet as a teenager I don't think I would know where to start now, so I think you're very brave.

Annarella said...

Mmm can't wait to see the contents of the kit, you're being so good at sitting on your hands :)

Have a fab Easter xx

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I had the same experience - I'm just about to do my 3rd Elspeth - I found that I also needed to miss out some dcs when doing the final round as well.