Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thinking Ahead

Well we're well into the New Year now. And for the last couple of weeks I've been thinking about summer clothes and what I want to make. As we go away in May - which is amazingly only 4 months away - I need to start planning. It's nice to have something to look forward to and imagine wearing summer clothes, especially while its so cold.

You might have guessed I don't really look back on the previous year and I haven't made any new year resolutions for at least 10 years. For me, its all about looking forward.

To start with I'm almost done on the Marakesh rucksack bag in Cotton Rope. I think it will be the most perfect holiday bag. It will now join my pile of sewing up which is getting quite ridiculous. I also need to finish off Laura which will probably be the last Big Wool project for a while. I did kind of lose the urge to make her as all I keep thinking about is all the new spring yarns that will be out on the 1st Feb from Rowan that I can hardly wait for ..... but I had a go at her yesterday and now her back is done.

Of course its not like I need any more yarn but I often change my mind about what pattern to make if something better comes along. Oh its so exciting..... all these new yarns and patterns to look forward to!

I've done some work on my knitting spreadsheet which is kind of like my bible. I'm a real super duper organised type of girl! It list all the yarn I have and all the projects I've made together with the yarn used and any other notes. Now I've juggled it about and have the project I have in mind next to the yarn and now a new list of patterns that catch my eye together with the yarn specifed from all the magazines and books I have. I hate having to search through everything when I'm looking for a particular pattern I know I've seen so hopefully that will make life a bit easier. And seeing how many magazines I currently subscribe too this is well needed.

I've frogged a couple of projects that I'd changed my mind about. The Drift coat in Rowanspun Chunky will now become a blanket. I've been promising myself one for ages so have started a few rows. It will be ever so warm and cosy as a blanket as I just couldn't imagine me wearing the coat. Also frogged are the Biggy Print flip top mitts. Super warm they might have been but flexible they definitely weren't.

The only problem with all these new ideas and projects I want to make is of course too little knitting time do do it all!!!!


Fred said...

How are you going along with the Brittany needles as I was thinking about getting some myself.

Mandella said...

I know what you mean about changing your mind half way through a project. My problem is that I nearly always find I don't have enough yarn to make the new item of desire! Your spreadsheet sounds great too - very organised.

Chris said...

I have a pile of sewing up that I like to ignore, too! The bag looks like a lot of fun - where do you go in May?

Annarella said...

Yeah for the most organised gal I know! The rucksack looks so pretty, are you going to line it?

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