Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Still Cold Outside

Awww! See even Thunder agrees its a bit nippy whilst snuggling in between my DH's legs for cuddles. He looks like a baby still in this picture. Is there anything cuter?

My spreadsheet amendments seem to have done the trick nicely and I've come up with a few more patterns I'd like to make from my stash. There are still a few to go but so far it's been a great help. I would really like to reduce my stash a bit. It's not really that bad at all but I'd still love to reduce it some more. Maybe in readiness for the new yarns coming out at the end of the month..... But then again, its great being able to go through my spreadsheet and see what I fancy making. I mean, when you've decided what you want to make you always want to start it right now don't you? So of course you have to have some projects waiting to be done. Sounds good to me!

I've got some FO's to share so here goes.......Firstly yep, it's Lizzy now finally finished in all her glory. The frills on the wrists really set her off and I'm really pleased with her. She will need a wash before wearing as she's a little stiff - not surprisingly with all those twigs & other paraphanalia in the yarn. She is very different from what I usually wear and I can't quite imagine wearing her. But as its too cold yet I have plenty of time to work out what to wear her with. My DH is really impressed.

She really is something quite special. Easy to knit, not so easy to sew up. The stitching itself was easy enough and looked great, it was just that Noro Shinano does not appreciate being yanked and pulled about so short lengths and extra twisting are essential. Unfortunately I like very long lengths and sewing up in one go. This just didn't work and made the sewing up a lot more annoying than it should have been. But hey, you live and learn and she was worth it in the end.

Then we have the Snowflake Hat which was easy to knit. She needs her ends sorted and pressing but thats it. No sewing up - YEAH!!!!

And lastly a sock knitted with Regia 6Ply. Of course until it gets a mate its not a proper FO, but it looks cute anyway. I love the K3P1 rib too. Will definitely do that again. As you can see, I don't bother pressing my socks. I let my feet do that job!

I'm desperate to get into a big, relaxing project now. Had enough of smaller ones where you have to keep checking where you are in the pattern. I just want some mindless knitting please. Bigger projects are just so relaxing.......

The Marakesh bag now has some matching lining and is pressed. So now just the bag lining and sewing up to be done but thats nothing major. The ties are all done. My my, I am ahead of myself!

Chris asked me where I was off to for my holidays in May. You just have to visit her site and see the most amazing picture of Chaos the very inquisitive cat!

I am very happy to announce that we're going to Langkawi, Malaysia in May and I just can't wait to go. It's been on my list for a few years but due to flight price increases etc. haven't managed it. But I finally got a great deal and now we're going. It will be lovely. I love the Far East and so far have visited the Maldives (4 times!), Bali, Thailand & Sri Lanka. Told you I liked the Far East:) I have been elsewhere too (Kenya, Egypt, Antigua and Mexico) plus Majorca and Ibiza in my teens but its the Far East that I find totally irresistible.

Interestingly I met my DH in Bali. So of course we both share a love of travel and long haul holidays. I can't describe how amazing I find seeing other peoples different cultures and way of life. It kind of puts things in perspective for me.

And if you think I've been to a fair number of fab places, trust me, there are lots more places on my must visit list including Russia, Cuba, Australia, Tibet, Borneo, Galapagos Islands, Antartica and Canada and to name just a few plus of course re-visit some of the places I've already been!

Fred asked me how I was getting on with my new Brittany's. I just love them. They're the perfect addition. I couldn't do without my longer 33cm Inox but wherever possible, I go for the shorter length Brittany's. They feel so luxurious to use. I did find one pair not quite as smooth as my Inox, but no doubt they will feel smoother over time. Not that they were rough or anything - far far from it. In a nutshell, I adore them and am so glad I got them. Luckily for my wallet, the longer length Brittany's are just too long for me so the Inox are still safe!


Rebekah said...

Every picture of Thunder is like a little relaxation pill.

Wow you've done a lot of projects as of late. Love the hat.

Chris said...

Thanks for the kind words!!

Wow, Malaysia sounds very cool! How long are you going for?

You have been busy!! That sock is very cute indeed. So what's your next big project?

And that is a very sweet and cute picture of Thunder. :)

Chris said...

Oh! Lizzy's picture didn't show up the last time I was here - how lovely!!

I meant to reply to your comment on my blog - oh yeah, I know how challenging eating out can be. Bummer about the cake having eggs - but you could make glaze to eat! ;)

Sharon J said...

Anything that doesn't need sewing is good in my book and, like you, I don't see the point in blocking/pressing socks! ~Sharon

Fred said...

I wish my two were as calm as Thunder. Unfortunately when I got them they were a year old and never changed. Sixpence was very much how Thunder seems to be.

Brittany needles. Am considering getting some now and as I'm in Brighton in three weeks it will be a temptation and a half!

linda said...

Well you will definitely have to come to Australia. I love the fairisle hat but then I'm a sucker for fairisle, always.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Your right he looks very cute. I must admit he is cuter than me in that picture. Woof woof.