Saturday, January 06, 2007

OK OK, I give in....

Having been tagged now 4 times by Piglottie, Queen Frogger, Curly Cable and Mandella I guess I'll play. So here are my 6 Weird Things. Though of course I won't be tagging anyone cos ya know I just can't follow rules ;-)

1. I've wanted to be an assassin ever since I was a teenager. All that secretive sharp shooting and travel sounded so appealing. Not quite so keen these days....

2. I go sleep by laying on my left side till I'm sleepy, then I turn over and go to sleep on my right side. I'm not alone in this particular weirdness.

3. I'm often aware of when I'm dreaming and can manipulate my dreams. Rather cool really.

4. My best friend has always called me a boy. Tomboy, boy racer, boys toys, computer games, fast cars, tatoos, martial arts, boxing, gangster films, loud rap & hip hop and a love of jeans and trainers could explain. No wonder no-one believed I actually knitted.

5. I never thought I'd live past 25. Boy was my life CRAZY. I've gone from a club lovin dancing boozy smoking trendy tomboy to a home loving, organic addict non-smoking practically teetotal housewife. Who'd have guess hey?

6. I prefer animals to humans and when younger always thought having a litter of kittens far preferable to a baby. I'd go for a litter of rabbits now though ;0) Also explains my menagerie which currents consists of hamster, 3 chinchillas and rabbit. Oh and 1 husband.

Of course a lot of you already know that I'm allergic or intolerant to practically everything so I didn't count that in my list. Anyway, the list would be too long!

Now thats done back to the holidays. Christmas was lovely as was New Year. Having been ill for 3 weeks over the holidays last year it was just great to feel ok. Santa brought me some lovely yarns - as you can see.

I went to the sales but bought NOTHING in either House of Fraser or John Lewis. Says it all really. Quite shocking though. And unexpected. But probably a good thing as I've now paid my membership for the Socks That Rock Club and I can't wait. I am truly addicted to the stuff and its awful as they keep bring new lovely colours on the website that I am just totally powerless to resist ;)

I finished my lovely STR socks for Christmas and happily spent 15 minutes deciding which yarn I'd cast on next. No surprise really, yup, its another STR skein, this time in Xmas Rock which I LOVE too much for words. If this carries on I'm gonna have real trouble casting on any other sock yarn!

Another FO for you are my fingerless gloves in Catalina Baby Alpaca Chunky which are lush and oh so warm. I've really never felt anything like this yarn.

Also knitted up is the Rowan Country Kit I got and as well as getting blue fingers now have all the pieces ready to be sewn up into a bag. I didn't follow the bag pattern but prefered the scarf pattern so used that.

I also managed to fit in some sewing up too and my fab Malabrigo Hoodie has just been sewn up and is beautiful. Pics will follow next post. A little sewing up was done to Kitsch which was not fun and only reminded me why I can't stand stripes. They are a real pain to sew up ;-(

Another pressie I got that has kept me occupied for hours is Daxter on the PSP. I can't put the darned game down. It's wonderful and oh so addictive. I'm kinda looking forward to finishing it so life can get back to normal. Yeah I know, some hope ;)

The Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calender was quite a disappointment for me this year as only I really liked 2 patterns. Having got quite a collection already there was very little exciting in it for me. So that will be going in the charity bag.

Though the holidays have been nice they went so quickly due to multiple visits to the doctors for B12 jabs. I got a call from the consultant quickly followed by the doctor as my test results showed I was anaemic. The jabs were very painful and a nightmare to schedule over the holidays. I had 3 a week for 2 weeks and I can't tell you how pleased I am their done now. So the useless receptionist that told me my blood test looked ok was talking total rubbish. Oh how reassuring I don't think! I also had a visit to see a consulant dermatologist at another hospital which was such a waste of time it was unreal. Oh well, what can you do? So back to the docs again in a week or so to review my latest blood test results.

I did the stupidest thing too - I sat on a Brittany needle which promptly snapped. Couldn't believe it. Especially as I'd only just got back from having my 5th jab in the same area! No, trust me, it was not funny. Nope, not at all ;-)

Poor old Custard is back on the antibiotics as he's got another eye infection. We're trying liquid tears this time as well to try and stop his eyes getting so dry. Fingers crossed it does the trick and no more trips to the vets are needed...


Joy said...

Interesting stuff you shared there. Hope Custard's eye gets better quickly. I too wonder if I sometimes enjoy animals more than people!

Diane said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Love your Christmas haul. What a lucky knitter you are.

Queen Frogger said...

I have never heard of anyone wanting to be an assasin!! Glad you had some nice goodies for xmas and I hope the doctors visits and custards eye get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yours STR Socks look fabulous, it's no good I am going to have to order some of that yarn, and your fingerless gloves look lovely and warm. Sorry to hear you have been having such a rough time with all those injections, but a least they'll help you make some progress into finding out what is causing all your allergies. I hope Custard's eyes gets better soon.

Chris said...

Hee hee - you know I share #2! Your STR sock is quite lovely.

Bummer about all those B-12 shots - I remember when I started B-12 shots. It was amazing how much better I felt. Now I give myself a shot every month... which reminds me...

Piglottie said...

Not too weird, and I totally am with you on number 5 :-) Lovely yarn haul, and hope Custard is on the mend.