Thursday, January 18, 2007

Now Thats Over With

Now the weirdness is done with perhaps I can get back to normal. Though I have to say my DH was rather surprised I mentioned the assassin business. He was expecting the police to turn up any time.....why I don't know..... I've never even seen a real firearm never mind used one.

Yay - at last, FO pics of my lovely Blue Sky Alpacas Hooded Top in the lush Malabrigo. I'm so pleased with it. It is so snug and warm and sshh....don't tell anyone but I hadn't even pressed the seams before I wore it and these photos were taken....

Isn't that hood just the best? It is a PROPER hoodie! I've seen lots of hooded tops and recommendations but none have been proper hoodies. This is, for real ;)

It's been such a mild winter that the multitude of planned scarves, hats and gloves didn't really materialise and I already I'm thinking of the new season and the nice new stuff I can knit. The Vina Bag from Rowan 39 has been started. Well, 4 rows of 3 coloured fairisle IS a start. It will take me forever, I'm sure. Cotton and me really don't have such a close relationship but it is so great for bags. And as the fairisle is so slow I shouldn't have any trouble with cotton arm ache for once!

I had a little clear out of my knitting bag and found a surprising number of half finished/just started items in there. A hat needing ends weaved in. From last winter....oops ;) A camisole on circs that took me a while to figure out what pattern it was from. I had to count the number of stitches.....unlike me not to have notes.
A cotton bag that needs a cabled strap which may have been around for over a year too. A half finished Fuzzy Feet felted sock which was finished in a couple of hours. Wonder when the other foot will be done? A gorgeous cami in Rowan Calmer that just needs crochet straps. That one I will do soon. Well, before holidays anyway.

I just can't bring myself to finish an item when I know I won't be able to wear it for months and months. I'd rather leave it unfinished or I'm sure I'll just forget about it and it will lie unloved and unworn somewhere in my wardrobe which would be truly awful. If I finish something I can wear straight away I'm always so delighted. Which could explain the sock addiction for 9 months of the year!

The Bomber jacket in Rowan Denim also found hiding in the bottom of the bag will probably take years to finish. I mean, a row or 2 here and there won't get far. But it will get done and most importantly, I won't get the dreaded armache. Remind me NOT to buy more cotton unless I absolutely MUST. Like the lovely Kim Hargreaves kit last year, Buttercup. Note to self, must knit this to take on holiday this year.

A few of my FO's are missing from 2006 so I'll try and get pics of stuff missing and added in the next month or so. Yes, that means doing the crochet straps on my cami - I don't count that as knitting therefore technically it is an FO. And can you believe I forgot to mention my last FO of 2006 was a lovely snuggly scarf in Big Wool Tuft. So quick to knit up and amazingly tactile. It was a hit. Though not been worn so much. No, I'm not complaining the weather hasn't been cold enough, honest!

My love of STR has continued and though I had to repay my Sock Club as their daft now ex-bank decided the club was a scam and refunded all our money! I know, too ridiculous for words. But its all sorted now and I can't wait till Feb and the first package. Gosh, its so exciting ;)

So no surprises that I've finished one Xmas Rock sock (photos next post) and the other is on the needles. Which brings me to another point. Why are there no UK stockists of Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs??? This is scandalous and should be addressed immediately. They are the only bamboo DPN manufacturer of 2.25mm needles that I need for my lovely Socks That Rock. I use Brittany's but am tired of breaking, sitting, rabbit eating them etc. Rant over. I've now ordered from someone on Ebay in the US. UK retailers, please take note!!!

Healthwise things are erm, rather odd. My allergy RAST blood test has disappeared off the face of the earth and no trace can be found. Brilliant. Since having the B12 jabs my reactions haven't been so severe, but are still occuring. And no, your tongue bleeding after brushing is not an enjoyable thing. So back to the docs we go to discuss all this stuff plus the latest tests. Which I had to postpone as I caught a virus and have been poorly all weekend and only just starting to feel alive. Thats a new one, changing a doctors appointment as you don't feel well enough to go. Oh dear. I thought I'd done well and managed to avoid all the bugs but I obviously didn't. One of the guys went off sick from work. For sure a possible culprit.

Anyone leaving comments recently will have noticed I've changed the settings so that comments are now verified. I hate typing in those letters and always do it wrong myself, usually several times, but too many rude spam posts kinda forced my hand. Sucks I know.

Well look what we have here. Yes, its an amazingly soft lush skein of Posh Yarns Sophia 100% cashmere 4 ply sock yarn gotten from one of the sale days. Words can't describe how this stuff feels, it is the softest yarn ever. Fabulous service, quick delivery. What more can I say?

Aren't these glorious colours. I ordered it from HipKnits in their sale at the beginnning of December but didn't get it till well into the New Year. Don't ask, lost parcel and other issues BUT it all ended ok. Its the Mango colourway from Sweet Georgia yarns and called Speed Demon Sock. Think they might be the next socks I cast on....or should I go for Posh Yarn instead. Decisions, decisions ;)

Of course Saturday is the opening of the new Get Knitted shop in Bristol. I hope to get there at some point in the day, and wish Sue all the best!


Chris said...

Your hoodie is great!!! Mmmm, I bet it feels wonderful, too. And I love the colors of that cashmere.

Hope you're feeling better and that the allergy stuff gets properly sorted...

Mary said...

The hoodie looks great; Malabrigo is such gorgeous stuff isn't it? Hope the allergies improve - not much fun at all.

Anonymous said...

Your hoodie looks superb and what a lovely colour, Your skein from Posh Yarn is gorgeous.

Hope you manage to sort your allergies out soon, Fancy them losing your RAST blood tests, it's ridiculous, they should be more careful.

Anonymous said...

Lovely hoodie and lovely yarn. Where do you get Malabrigo from? Do the mango socks first to cheer us all up in grey January!

Anonymous said...

The hoodie looks fab and you've bought some gorgeous yarns over the past few weeks.
Hope your allergies get sorted soon and you feel a bit better.

Juliet said...

Love the hoodie - the colour is divine, no wonder politicians these days want to "hug a hoodie" - yours looks very touchable be thankful I live in scotland - you would be severely stroked at the least, toyally yummy. Love the yarns bought and can't wait to see what you knit with them

Kathleen said...

Hi, just seen you on the Flickr Show for the opening of Get Knitted! Looks fanbloomintastic, wish I'd been there. Anyway, your hooded top is lovely, I keep hearing good things about this Malabrigo.

Anonymous said...

The hoodie looks marvellous and the colour suits you really well. I haven't experienced Malabrigo yet, but after hearing Lime & Violet wax lyrical about it many times, maybe one day.

I'm glad for you your allergies haven't been so bad lately and I'm really jealous if you got to go to Get Knitted on Saturday!

Joy said...

I just love the Hoodie! and oh man it's made of Malabrigo??? Make me really envious, why don't you.