Thursday, February 23, 2006


It's been a strange week. Marred by the dreadful experience of Saturday evening. I don't even want to talk about it really. But it has to be done I suppose. And what was this awful experience I had to endure? It was a 50th surprise birthday party. Any party is a party I don't want to go to. I just hate them. Give me a restaurant or a club any day. Though have to admit my clubbing days are long now now....

But a family party where you know nobody that has more kids than adults is frankly just too much to bear. And it gets worse. As if having crap music isn't bad enough (yes I'm a music snob too!) there was a KARAOKE machine. Oh lordy, it really couldn't have been any worse. Not getting the invite and being at the wrong place didn't help much either. Or even knowing that it was a party rather than drinks at the guys house! We left as soon as we possibly could, ie once the karaoke started.

Some of you may be wondering what on earth I'm on about. But coming from a teeny weeny family with no siblings you just cannot imagine what horror a big family party is for me. I am still recovering now. The nightmares will go soon. I hope. I expect if you were part of the family it would have been fun, or even if you owned some of the millions of kids that appeared to be there, it might have been a welcome outing. But for me, it was just pure torture. Frankly I'd have rather gone to the dentist then gone and given blood. There aren't enough words to explain the horror :0(

I shall not mention it again. Except to say the only good point was that I wore my Ribbon Twist jacket to it. Nuff said. Pattern is Willow from the Rowan Ribbon Twist Collection. Same book as the lovely Beth hailed from.

Knitting wise I've another FO - yep another pair of Lorna's Laces socks are done. They are a very lively colourway called Uptown and remind me of 70's disco. And no, I'm not old enough to have been clubbing back then. But I've seen it on the telly.

And I've started yet another sock. They are so calming. Much needed in this recovery time.....This one is in the Vegas colourway and is 6ply so will be housesocks. I've never managed to get 6 ply socks snug enough for trainers but they're brill at keeping my toes warm in winter, which seem to be permanently cold. Not surprising really, as it was just snowing here!

Deep is going well. I'm on the arms now. I ended up shortrowing the front shoulder shaping so undid the back so I could shortrow that and so do my usual 3 needle bind off. For some reason I couldn't get my head round the shaping of the back combined with the rib when I first came to it. But it was rather late at night though and my poor brain had obviously gone to sleep. Its all done now though the short row shaping was harder than usual as the pattern had neck shaping to consider as well. It looks great so far. Though the thought of picking up all those stitches for the border is not good.......

I've had a few balls of sock yarn arrive to keep me occupied. My lovely DH said I could have 6 balls. I thought he meant for my birthday but he meant for Valentines. So I could hardly argue could I? And quick as flash I found some sock yarn online I wanted.

The lovely Opal Handyed was from Get Knitted. Thank you Sue for the lollipop and pen. Much appreciated!

Some Lana Grossa that Mary had recommended as being very soft. I've 2 more balls on order from Germany but they're waiting on one of the colours. These ones I got from Ebay. I just love those colours. Very spring like.

Laura is all sewn up, seams pressed and just needs a couple more buttons sewn on. Sunday seems to be a real good day for sewing up. She is definitely looking very good and has been tried on several times. I'm sure I'll manage a pic of her next post.

Hopefully by then all memories of that darned p***y will be long forgotten and normal life resumed. Whatever that may be ;)

And finally a message from Thunder 'well of course I'm enjoying this!' All snuggled up next to daddy with his ears being played with. This is bunny bliss ;)


Annarella said...

Fab chunky cardi - I'm so impressed, it looks great on you! I love it! I love it! I love it!

PS: Sorry to hear about your horror story - I do sympathise... hope the recovery is going well ;)


blueadt said...

I can't handle events like that either & am also an only child - the similiarities continue!

Rebekah said...

Thunder, go hug your mama, she needs a hug.

See I love family gatherings, but my husband doesn't like them, I wonder if it's because he was an only child too.

hmmm, interesting. Never thought about that before.

Chris said...

I'm not an only, but am from a small family. I would've been hiding behind a plant at that party!

Love those LL socks! And that skein of Opal is STUNNING. Can hardly wait to see the other skeins you get.

Hi Thunder!! Please don't eat the books. Chaos says the couch will taste much better.

knit only but also said...

The P***Y sounds hellish. I have three kids and the idea of going to a party with K*****E and K***S would have me running in the opposite direction. Fast. YIKES.

Love the knit - will have to go back and investigate the previous Rowans....

Sharon J said...

I'm old enough to have been clubbing during the 70s. It was great fun - everything was so innocent compared to the way things are these days (now I'm really starting to sound like an old biddy!). Love the socks.