Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pretty In Pink

I wish I could explain why my Marakesh bag has been waiting a week just for her lining to be slipstitched in. But I can't. I mean, once I actually got a sewing needle out and some thread it only took 10 darned minutes! And now she's all finished and I have another FO. And very purrty and ever so nice and I'm very happy. A perfect holiday bag me thinks. I've taken a close of the toggle so you can imagine how I was using the large Chibi to force the cord through.......and of course how I ended up putting it right through my finger. It has now healed up perfectly!

I guess all these 'it will only take 10 minutes' just add up don't they. Which would explain the pile of pressing/sewing up thats starting to back up - yet again......

Laura is still awaiting sewing up, though all pressed and ready to go. Elspeth is all knitted up now and half pressed, needs the other half pressing then sewing up, then the dreaded crochet border. Lordy lord - oh boy I just can't wait for that!

However, proper knitting has been going quite well thank you very much. I started Deep once the knitting part of Elspeth was done. Boy doesn't Summer Tweed reek? I like knitting with it though, even if DH does object to the smell. Last night he asked why I didn't wash it first. Funnily enough it seems to bother him more than more than me. The first night of knitting it went wonderfully well, till the combination of cotton and non-stop ribbing took their toll and I got wrist and shoulder ache. So that was the end of that for the day. Now I'm knitting just for a short while a day, till I get just the slightest inkling of a twinge, then I finish the row and put it down. No point doing myself any damage is there. It will get done, but will take a while.

So of course then I had to think what else to start. No cotton of course, preferably something with wool. I decided on River in Cherry Tree Merino Laceweight which has been on my list for a while. She is very pretty but also quite slow going as you do have to concentrate. Well I certainly have to. And it doesn't take too long before all that concentration starts to bore me......

So then I have a sock to turn to. A lovely and soft Lorna's Laces I've been dying to knit. I love the colourway. Nice and bright - just the way I like them ;)

At the weekend I managed to pop into JL briefly to have a look at the new yarns. And rather disappointing it was. All I came out with was the Tuscan Retreat book. And that was it!!!! This booklet is lovely, however Holiday yarn is very expensive indeed. I nearly fell of the chair when I worked out the lovely Lucia would cost almost STG100 - and I'm only a UK 8/10!!! Hmmm. I do like the yarn but am a bit worried it will snag too easily. There is a nice bag pattern that only uses 4 balls but again, will it hold up being made up into a bag? Not sure I'm afraid. I'm just so glad I stocked up on Cotton Tape in the sales. Much nicer, better brighter colours and not so snaggy. Not to mention cheaper!

Last but not least. I have to mention it though frankly I'd rather pretend it doesn't exist. Yes, I saw the frankly digusting Glimmer Print. I didn't even want to touch it. It just looked horrid. And when I did, it actually made my skin crawl! Yuck. It really was foul and how you could wear that on your skin I really don't know. A terrible disappointment and I'm almost embarassed for Rowan - its the kind of yuckky yarn I'd expect to come from cheap & nasty acrylic/nylon yarn companies. But there you go, I guess my reaction is definitely on the extreme end. Thats me all over really ;) I would print what my DH thought of it, but it is far too rude! Yep, he thought it most gross. And of course this all put me off the pattern booklet for it, as it just reminds me how ghastly the yarn is.

But, on the plus side, the 2 new RYC yarns are GORGEOUS. Natural Silk Aran and Luxury Cotton DK are definitely Rowan quality and I loved them. The pattern books were definitely not me but as they're standard Aran and DK yarns not a problem, I can happily sub them.

So good job I have my stash to go on with isn't it! My purse is very grateful is my DHs wallet ;)


Chris said...

Your bag is lovely - and now I understand about the Chibi. :)

It's cool how the first 3 pictures feature items of very similar shape.

The socks are fun!

knit only but also said...

the bag is gorgeous!!! I just love that colour - it is totally yummy and makes the bag. Chibi needle + finger = ouch. Are you doing the knit olympics?

cheers, J

Linda said...

Is the lovely bag Cotton Rope? I'm supposed ot be finishing things, but instead I knit the back and one front of Antoinette in Cotton Rope from my stash.(From the last Rowan Mag) More balls of that dyelot are flying towards me, as I write from the UK. If they get lost, I'm in big trouble!