Friday, September 21, 2007


Let's hope my broadband stays working now. What a nightmare it's been. On the phone to the support team who are great but I tried so much stuff it took forever. Another laptop, different connections, different routers, the BT test socket. Oh it went on and on on.........then decided to fix itself. I'm still monitoring the speeds and logging them for tech support in case it happens again so they can pass the info to BT. I can't tell you how much I've missed not being able to comment or read blogs. So yet again, I'm all behind and had only just managed to catch up!

Anyway. Onto more interesting things. Such as my gorgeous funky Felted Triangle Bag.

We have a before and after photo. I LOVE this bag. It is so great and such a perfect size and just too cute. I love the design. Pick Up Sticks patterns are just so cool.

And lookie here! The Snugs arrived. With a Daffodil Kit that asked to be ordered. Who could resist? The packaging is so unusual. And what about the funky bag pattern? Gotta have one of those too!

I've also managed to start getting projects onto Ravelry. WOW. BTW my ID is RoxyKnits - no surprise there! It really is amazing and now I can understand why everyone raves about it. Many hours will be needed to get everything up but I'm just taking it bit by bit. I was quite wary of wanting all my stash in full view but as I take pics when I buy it anyway, and list it on my own spreadsheet, it will actually be nice and rather handy to be able to see at glance what you have and even better, see the actual colour. Cos most of us have far too much yarn to remember each and every colour ;)

It was our wedding anniversary on Monday and we went out for a lovely Indian meal. I wore my lovely Fletcher jacket out for the time time and just felt so comfy in her. We love her ;)

And these are my pressies. Some gorgeous flowers.

Some lush Malabrigo for another Hoooded Pullover and the yarn for a Felted Tote by Pick Up Sticks. Chosen by myself of course ;)

We're usually in St Ives, Cornwall for our anniversary but couldn't book this week this time so are off on Sat for a week. Can't wait. See you when I'm back ;)

I'll leave you with the promised holiday photos of Kefalonia in May. Better late than

First we have some lush Greek salad. Eaten for lunch every single day. Very yum yum. Next the beach with the bright parasols. Then a view of our room - we were top right in the gorgeous blue building. Next up the lovely wall with plant pots taken from the outside the pool area. Then a view of the gorgeous blue Myrtos Beach. Cute kitty cat in Fiskardo. Drogerati Cave. Beautiful Mellisani Lake. Next up, Fiskado harbour, where the rich and famous visit to park their yachts, shop & dine. Another shot of beach & sea. A town where we had lunch. Pretty tiny orthodox church set in the hotel. Monastery.


twigletqueen said...

That bag is so cute! I want one! Hmm, really have to stop being scared of felting...

Piglottie said...

How tiny is that kitten!!! So cute :) And the Greek salad looks divine - I adore them.

Happy Anniversary and have a lovely time away. I think the little bag is perfect, such a great pattern.

Madge said...

Happy anniversary to you and DH! Hope you have a grand vacation to celebrate!

And you've heard it before...I love your Bubblegum Triangle. Have fun with your other kits, too.

See ya when you get back!

Chris said...

Happy anniversary! And welcome back online. :) The bag and the Fletcher Jacket both look great.

I love the picture of the kitten. of course.

Curly Cable said...

Oh your felted bag is super, I love the colours you've chosen. Your Fletcher coat is divine, looks like the perfect Autumn Jacket. You are such an inspiration Roxy, You have some great Anniversary pressies, the flowers are gorgeous and more of the very lush Malabrigo yarn. Your Holiday photo's are great, makes you long for the summer, we didn't have in the UK. That Greek salad looks yummy, not surprised you had one every day for lunch. Happy Anniversary to you both, have a fab week away.

Kathleen said...

Your bag turned out lovely, it looks really effective.
I am just drooling over your Kefalonia pictures, the colours of the sky and the water are just gorgeous.
Happy Anniversary.

artyfartykat said...

Happy anniversary!
I love the cute bag and your jacket looks great.
What gorgeous pics from Kefalonia! We were just next door in Zakynthos!
Enjoy your break!

Kath said...

I love the Noro jacket - such lovely warm colours for winter! And the colour of the sea in your Greek photos is stunning! Will look out for you in Ravelry ASAP - so adictive isn't it?!