Sunday, August 19, 2007

Luverly Bloggers

Boy you lot sure know how to swell a girls head!!! The comments I've received have been just lovely, in particular about Foxglove. I can't tell you how much they made me smile ;) I should have mentioned last post too that all your comments on the awful time I'd been having really did cheer me up. Hugs through the internet really do work!

I'm yet again behind on blog reading and desperately trying to catch. And so jealous of those of you who manage to keep up with everyone's blogs!!! I have enough trouble keeping mine updated........

All the new seasons books and yarns are out for preview, if not all out for fondling. And finally my copy of Rowan 42 turned up. It had already arrived in the US and New Zealand so frustrating not to have it here. Not helped by the postal strike of course. I actually like the mag much more in the flesh, although there are only 2 patterns I'd consider making. And realistically I'm not sure I will make either. I know most people love it, but I'm not one of them. Many of the designs contain mohair, and of course I'm one of the many allergic to it. There are also a lot of wraps or shapeless blanket looking garments held together with a pin. These would drown me, I need fitted things please. Some of the designs I find really quite hideous, and it was quite amusing looking through with DH and hearing his reaction which was far from complimentary, apart from 3 designs. But never mind, I always make more from the spring/summer mag. It has made me miss Kim Hargreaves and her Big Wool designs though. Only the first Rowan Big Wool booklet produced after she left did nothing for me and I haven't bought last years and won't be buying the latest one either.

But the lovely Pure Noro arrived full of Jane Ellison's gorgeous designs and this one definitely lives up to expectations. There are several designs I like though this time there are no accessories in it, which I do miss a little. You can't have enough accessories now can you?

Talking of accessories, well obviously you can't see the new season in with just one mag and a book so after seeing KnitDevil's gorgeous Pick Up Sticks Triangle Bag knew I had to have one. This led me to the Pick Up Sticks website where I discovered even more lovely patterns and kits so obviously had to have several. I found an online seller Supercrafty that has very reasonable shipping and had several items I wanted. She also has an Ebay store with some items there too and is very friendly and quick to respond.

The rest I ordered from Pick Up Sticks direct after emailing asking if they shipped to the UK as it wasn't too clear on the site. Needless to day, they do ship and were exceptionally helpful with a shipping problem I had. So much so that I have to place another order for Snugs which are too cute for words with umm, a couple more bits. Me, addicted, nope, not really. Well, maybe a little. But their patterns and kits are truly amazing and I'm so pleased with them. Plus currently if you spend over $25 your get a free pattern which is just lovely too. Their designs are truly unusual and I have to make them all!!!

Then I discovered The Woolly Workshop have just got some Louis Gems sock yarn so of course I ordered that the second I discovered it, which was a few hours before the newsletter even went out. Oh I can't tell you how good my internet splurge felt. But then again, many of you already know exactly how that feels LOL! And isn't the colourway Cherry Blossom so pretty? More colours are to come - perhaps I'd better not look!

These are the colours I chose for my Felted Triangle Bag and can't wait till its finished. I just know it will be fabulous. It was great fun choosing the colours at Get Knitted too as the colours online aren't quite what you always expect so I needed to choose them myself. I wanted the brightest colours possible. I think I managed it and will be like a beacon, you'll see me for miles ;)

I've ordered my train tickets for the Knitting and Stitching Show on Thurs 11th October and am looking forward to that. Apart from getting an 8pm train home as that was the only direct train after 6pm. Crazy. I would have booked the 6pm if I could but couldn't get any reasonable priced tickets. As I'll be on my own I don't want to go changing trains with bags at night (I'm sure there will be bags of course......)

Chilli's paw seems to have healed very well and we've not had to take him back to the vet thankfully. Thunder has gotten even more jealous and whenever I have my knitting next to me will jump on the sofa and lay on the knitting or even sit on my laptop if its in his way. As long as he can sit next to me and get cuddles and head rubs, nothing will get in his way.! He used to wait until there was room or look longingly. He's given that up. Just dives up and crashes over whatever happens to be there. Funny thing he is. He's 2 now. Bless ;)

And for anyone that hasn't heard, Get Knitted will be stocking Knitpicks needles including the much loved Options. Yes, finally there will be a UK stockist. I must be the only one not particualrly bothered by this - the needles are metal and I don't do metal. If they were bamboo or birch that would be different. I'd be like a mad crazy thing. But it gets better! The Malabrigo Worsted has finally arrived at Get Knitted and obviously I have to have some more. I even thought about not mentioning it in case it flies out the door too quick. For anyone that wanted to try some, here's your chance. I don't think you'll be disappointed........

And having Malabrigo at Get Knitted makes up for the disappointment of not being able to visit Stash Yarns in Putney when we visit my dad next week. Unfortunately I only found out the shop will be closed for its holidays after I'd booked the train tickets. Piddle. Of course Stash is where I first discovered the much loved and coveted Malabrigo.

I have actually been knitting though everything seems to be in that in between stage and not worth a picture. However I'm so pleased I've actually finished one Widdershins/Grasshopper sock in Socks That Rock Silkie. I won't go into much detail as I'm working on the 2nd sock and don't want to put myself off any more, but this pattern has been pure torture. Never, ever again will I do a toe up sock with a heel flap. Yuck! BTW, the extra large buttons I got from the new LYS I visited recently in Clevedon.

At least though the Socks That Rock promised by DH arrived and waiting patiently their turn. This time we have Pebble Beach and Jailhouse Rock. Needless to say, they will either be top down with a heel flap, or maybe toe up but with a garter stitch heel. Not that other awful not be mentioned version I'm currently regretting I ever started :(

And of course I can't forget the bits I ordered from The Wool Sanctuary either. The yarn is for a bag that I started.......and promptly left to start something else!

Gotta go - had 4 knitting mags in the post Friday including Vogue Knitting International and Interweave Knits that are demanding attention. Yippee ;)


Piglottie said...

I am sooooo with you on the "not to be mentioned other method of heels for toe ups" - I've been avoiding mine like the plague. I really like the latest Rowan book, and prefer the Autumn/Winter editions to the Spring/Summer - funny how we are all different. Your Pick Up sticks stuff looks wonderful, as does the STR. Hope my Interweave turns up soon :)

Chris said...

Oh, very lovely STR colorways! Um, I'm sorry to hear that you've been turned off by toe-up socks with heel flaps - they're pretty much the only kind of socks I knit. It sounds like that pattern has a sort of evil variant...

juliet said...

My Rowan took ages to arrive too - it was infuriating as I saw it in John Lewis but was wondering where it had got too - I thought paying a membership meant it got here about the same time as hitting the shops, oh well. There are some wierd things in there aren't there (some nice things too), but sheesh the big grey cable-y thing that makes the poor woman dragging its' enormous knitted weight - did you see that, she looks like a flipping turtle with a woolly shell, still she has her own knitted microclimate in there and so doesn't need sympathy as I am sure she is quite cozy and all...
Big fan of KH too - she always veers on the side of wearable and her patterns do exactly what they say on the tin as it were, her autumn stuff is nice and the colours are great as always, oh for more KH and less of the hell-I-am-a-knitter-and-I-need-to-make
-a-pathetic-looser, the Knit Picks are very desireable and I also want that sock!

Stephanie said...

So much beautiful stuff! I particularly like that sock. Gorgeous!

Haven't gotten my Rowan mag yet. :(

Curly Cable said...

Wow!! You've purchased some really lovely things, thanks for all the links too. Those Snugs look too cute for words, I could do with a pair of those to wear in the office at work on chilly days lol! Yum-Yum The Louis Gems in Cherry Blossom looks edible. And of course more devine STR. Well done with the Silkie STR sock your patience and perserverance has paid diviends, it looks fabulous. Keep up the good work with the second! I'm glad to hear Chilli paw is much better, and your comment about Cheeky Thunder made me smile, reminds me of Tess, she just leaps in regardless of knitting, cups of tea or anything you are doing! Enjoy reading your new mags!

Queen of the froggers said...

Really nice buys there! The Malabrigo looked so nice I had to buy some! Nice to read all your thoughts on the mags.

Kirstie said...

I love your blogging about purchases. We seem to like the same yarns and colourways and I feel so 'yarn enabled' that I'm about to visit Blue Moon and Get Knitted right away - sadly online but that's good enough for me!

Kath said...

I got confused and posted my comment on the previous post and not this one as I'd meant to!! Too many lovely tempting things in Get Knitted - nice to see what goodies you succumed to though!

Madge said...

Hiya! Sorry for replying late. I actually read this post a few days ago, but blogger was acting up and wouldn't let me leave a comment. Weird.

*squee* Your Pick Up Sticks arrived! Have you finished your Triangle? I love the bubblegum colors you picked for it. Are you going to put a button or a brooch on it, or leave it plain?

Ahem. Actually, I love all your loot. It's always so much fun living vicariously through your STR purchases...and look! You finished a Widdershins Silkie. Right on! You're that much closer to casting on with Firebird. (or Jailhouse Rock or....)

Glad to hear Chilli's paw is better. And that Thunder. Such a scamp. *scritches to all*

gilraen said...

Well done on getting the STR silkie socks done :)

I've not even wound my skeins yet, I'm still stroking them, sad I know :)

Love Jailhouse Rock!!!!

Isn't the Louet Gems to dye for!! I'm waiting on mine too. :)

Welcome to Ravelry, enjoy and have fun :D