Sunday, June 10, 2007

Things Not Going To Plan

As soon as I'd published my last post I realised I hadn't said thank you to everyone for their lovely comments after Custard died. I tried to thank everyone individually, but in case I missed anyone they were lovely and much appreciated.

I've been trying to play catch up with emails (over 300) and blogs (100+) and am failing miserably. I use Google Reader for posts but it just seems to remind me how behind I am......this hasn't been helped by having to change broadband provider. The service from Virgin has been awful for the last few months since they became Virgin Media and using the internet has become a painfully slow process. I'm on ADSL Max but am lucky if I get a download speed of 200/300 which is just crazy especially as my profile is 4000. Apologies for the geeky speak but it will make total sense if you're that way inclined ;)

The big downside to changing broadband providers is that I used the same ISP email address as my main email addy since the days of dial-up. And that is a lot of years and several hundred accounts need to be changed. Fun huh! I haven't used the email address for months as I realised the nightmare it would be getting everything changed over and signed up for a Google Mail address which I've been changing everything to as I go. That unfortunately still leaves over 100 accounts to be changed. Yes I know, I use the internet A LOT! You live and learn though and I would never use an ISP email address as my main email addy again.

Back to the knitting which has been rather strange. I've been working almost non-stop on Foxglove and am now on the 2nd sleeve. Usually I get bored and pick up a sock or something for variety but nope, I seem to able to just work continually on it. When I actually get the time to knit for long that is.......

Knitting and well absolutely everything has been brought to a halt by a bad asthma attack that started on Monday. By Tuesday I was climbing the walls and unable to get a doctors appointment. It was very scary and just awful. DH was about to take me to A&E when finally I spoke to my doctor who said the locum doctor would see me as an emergency. So now I'm on steroids plus maxed out on antihistamines, preventers, relievers, nasal spray. Good job we don't smoke, I'm sure I'd explode!

So that ruined this week as i've been unable to do a thing. I'm also a ghastly yellow colour and have red eyes from lack of sleep. Trust me, it is not attractive. Not that I particularly care as I'm too intent on breathing, but really, it surprises me each time I look in the mirror. Perhaps I'll just give it up. The mirror that is!

Of course when I saw the locum doctor she said just make sure you get added as an emergency patient. Yeah right, try getting past those darned receptionists..........I won't leave it so long if it happens again thats for sure. But its never been so bad before and never in warm weather. As it all my allergies and intolerances weren't bad enough now I seem to have allergic asthma triggered by weather changes. I think a visit to the asthma clinic is in order ;(

I haven't mentioned much about my hospital visits and referrals for allergies and anaemia because its never ending. But I have found the most wonderful consultant for my anaemia who is just brilliant. I have to have regular blood tests and visits to check everything is ok so not much to report. She did say that my tongue issues aren't because of the anaemia and was surprised the allergy specialist said it might be. So thats still an unknown and still affects me but not as bad.

I did manage a trip to Get Knitted the weekend before my asthma attack where I just had to buy 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton as it refused to let me go without it! You wouldn't think it was cotton it is so amazingly soft. Plus another of their patterns. I did have a look at the latest copy of Yarn Forward. It did nothing for me so didn't bother getting it.

My Rowan membership renewal kit arrived and I'm rather impressed. The waistcoat pattern isn't for me but I'll definitely try the shawl. I really will actually finish one one day, and maybe using a thicker yarn might help me reach that goal ;)

The only other knitting related goodie I've had is 101 One Skein Wonders which I've been coveting for ages. I wasn't disapointed and it is a fab book, definitely a must have book in the knitters library. For anyone that has the book and not downloaded the errata you can do so from here. There are several patterns I want to make. And probably will once I've decided what border to use on Foxglove. Looks like it will much more of a challenge than I'd anticipated....

As promised here's a pic of my lovely Lorna's Laces Happy Valley sock that I knitted most of on my sunbed on holiday. She's so lovely. Eventually her sibling will arrive ;)

And a pic of Thunder showing what he thought of my plans to make a new bag. Yes, sitting right on the yarn always works. Nope, Thunder isn't jealous, not at all.

So no holiday pics yet I'm afraid. Hopefully if nothing else happens they'll be in my next post. Fingers crossed eh?

Spoke too soon. The oven broke last night. Cold indian for dinner anyone? Doh!

Could it get any worse? Oh yes, Roo bit Chilli's paw through the cage and wouldn't let go. Looks like he's bitten part if it off....... Oh man.


blueadt said...

I hope you feel better soon & that the trip to the vets doesn't cost too much. I seem to be living there at the moment. Blue had an eye infection & very generously gave it to Annie & then of course there was Vince :(

Chris said...

Yikes!!! I hope you're feeling better really soon. I can really relate to the anemia thing right now, although mine's caused by fibroids. Poor Roo!! Ouch....

Curly Cable said...

Sounds like you,ve had a nightmare of a week, hope the asthma clears up soon, what a frightening experience it must have been, not helped by the useless doctor' receptionist. Good work with Foxglove, look forward to seeing your pictures soon. I love the colours of Happy Valley sock, fantastically knitted as ever! Naughty Roo for hurting Chilli like that, I hope you manage to get his foot sorted soon. I'm sending you both best wishes for quick recovery and hope you start to get a more chilled and relaxed time like Thunder appears to be having;-) Gosh he so cute!!

Queen of the froggers. said...

Gosh, you have been having a time of it. I hope you feel better soon. x

Piglottie said...

I hope you feel better soon Roxy (and Chilli too). I've only had experience of an asthma attack once, which was brought on by really bad hayfever - it was terrifying so am sending lots of hugs.

Your Happy Valley socks looks wonderful (I keep looking at this colour :) ).

Linda said...

I'm sorry you're not well at the moment. Nothing scarier than not being able to breathe. You'll have to be really pushy next time. Too importanr not to.

Madge said...

It never rains but it pours...hope you're back to healthy now! (I have a lot of sinus issues, and know how scary it is when you can't breath. No fun.)

Hope life is settling down so you can once again bliss out on your knitting, too! Can't wait to see Foxglove.

Oh, and if you have a moment, I'd love your opinion of the Rowan International club. I've been thinking of joining for a while, and would love to hear what you think. (you can reach me at

artyfartykat said...

Hope you're feeling much better now. And hope Chilli's OK too!
On a lighter note, the socks look fab and the yarn from GK sounds gorgeous! Know what you mean about Yarn Forward too, as my copy has finally arrived.
Of course Thunder's not jealous, not a bit! But she is gorgeous!