Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yup, at last, Tulip is almost finished. The fronts and back are done and shoulders bound off. It's been pressed (this is definitely a yarn that looks much better after pressing) and is ready for edgings. Which will take forever no doubt. I feel really relieved the main body has been done. It's really felt like its dragged on, though maybe this hasn't been helped by the multiple WIPs I seem to have right now.

There is the Kim Hargreaves lace shrug which I wanted to take on holiday this year. Which is next month. Yes, you can stop laughing now. Problem is, I can't stand lace. Really, it winds me up. I keep asking DH if he can imagine me wearing it as I'm not sure (in the hope he'll say its horrid and I can frog it) but he keeps insisting he can picture me in it. Darn! So its a very slow going project as even 10 rows of lace is enough to send me barking mad ;(

So I need a nice 'proper' project to keep my sanity going in the evenings after I've done some horrible lace. And I think it has to be Foxglove in Rowan Calmer. Soft, soothing & oh so pretty. Perfect ;)

But I've been really good and carried on with my other WIPs first so I feel I've actually made some real progress at last. A good feeling ;)

I've actually gone and done some pressing. Well quite a bit in fact! This was quite a surprise but unfortunately rather necessary before I drowned in a pile of FOs waiting for pressing and finishing. So After Dark is pressed and a matching yarn found. Thats it so far though, whaddya expect - miracles? Soleil is also pressed and waiting some attention. And a couple of bits that needed seams pressing have been done too. Phew, glad the pressing is all done for a while......

My lovely STR Fairgrounds sock now has a mate! Yippe, another pair of socks have landed ;) I love them. They love me. All is good. Except I've had to start handwashing my handpainted socks yarns. No more chucking them in the machine for me I'm afraid. My X-Mas Rock STR became a struggle to get on........making me wonder if my ankles had grown. But no, they've started to 'bloom' quite a bit more than older socks. The machine has to be blamed (though possibly I could have washed them on the wrong setting...) but to be safe and keep both them and me happy handwashing is the way to go. It's not a big deal I've found out, especially using Lakekand's Lavender Wool Wash which is a wonderful no-rinse product.

My washing machine is notorious for felting things when its not supposed to and I know it shrinks my socks a little each time. But they usually stretch back again. Obviously this isn't really the best way to treat expensive handpainted matter what it says on the label!

My STR Monsoon sock is doing rather well. Even DH commented on how fast it seems to have grown ;) The garter stitch heel was rather fun to do until I realised the sock was too long and I had to frog 10 rows of rib and do it again! I can't quite work out how you make sure the sock is the right length when doing toe up. Especially as I like a snug fitting sock. But not having to decrease on the gusset was truly wonderful and the cable leg part is flying along. I do wonder though if the 2nd sock (when I get there that is!) will drag and I'll suffer from SSS. Time will tell no doubt :)

Does anyone else think my sock reminds them of umm, something usually related to male anatomy??? Makes me smile whenever I knit the sock. DH thinks the same too. Sure is one strange looking sock ;)

The garter stitch toe (yup, another first) was simple to do and a success until I realised it was much too big so I had to redo that on fewer stitches. All good fun though eh and practise does make perfect doesn't it?

Good news on my Fletcher coat. It's all sewn up now. Just seams to be pressed then the fun of making loops and toggles. Why is this prospect just so not exciting me......hmmm could it be the fun of making loops out of Noro Iro which just loves to break? Ho hum.

Hope everyone is having a good Easter. It's the first time I can remember it being sunny all Easter for a long time and its great. We were at the beach and had chips on the pier Friday which was fab ;)


Mary said...

Isn't the weather wonderful! We had a BBQ Thursday and another one today and we're off to the beach tomorrow. A great Bank Holiday weekend. Your comment about your Monsoon sock had me giggling; I think the Yarn Harlot said something similar about the pattern a few weeks back, so it's not just you!

artyfartykat said...

Wow, you have been busy, all that pressing too!
The STR socks look fab, the colours are gorgeous especially Monsoon. Yup, it definitely looks erm...phallic! I wouldn't knit it in public, you might get some funny looks! ;)

Queen Frogger said...

Oh gosh ... the picture of the sock made me inhale my coffee this morning!! I am glad Tulip is nearly done and your socks are great, as usual!

Annarella said...

Uhmm....yes....that's exactly what I thought it was...had to read your post carefully to make sure it was indeed a sock and not a... well... ;)

Curly Cable said...

You've been busy, all that pressing too! I love your fairgrounds socks, absolutely fantastic. Love your monsoon sock too, although your comment had me in stitches, just mine's a lot shorter than yours ;-) Look forward to seeing Tulip when finished! Hope you having a good Easter too!

Beth said...

I'm in the STR club too and had to come over here and comment.

I thought that once I knit the heel, it kinda looked like (I don't know any other way to say it delicately, sorry) scr@tum. You should have seen us at Wednesday Night Knitting Group ... 3 of us were working on these socks at the same time ... TOO FUNNY!

Your socks look great - I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Mandella said...

The Fairground socks are lovely. I may have to treat myself to some of that colourway if it's still available.

Unless they're Opal or something similar, I always handwash my hand knitted socks. Something interesting is happening to the ones made from Lucia by Posh Yarns. They are blooming and becoming deliciously soft, but not shrinking. They've been washed about 4 times now and they look like they've got Angora in them, which they haven't. That yarn is deceptive. When I finished the first pair I was a bit disappointed in the way they felt, but wonderful things happen when you wash that yarn.

I started the Monsoon sock last night and I am waiting for the willy warmer effect that you have so gleefully displayed! As far as length goes, you could try measuring your foot and knocking off about half an inch. But I have to confess I've didn't get it spot on with my last pair - they're a bit long and I am contemplating frogging the toes and making them shorter.

Yarngineer said...

My Monsoon is not quite shaped the ways yours is (not as obviously phallic). But at my knitting group last night, they mentioned what you had said. My response was "If I met a man with one this size, I wouldn't be here right now." So that is what you can say to those strangers who look at you funny. Just say, "Yes, I am very happy at home with my DH." :)