Sunday, February 18, 2007


Finally. It's here, at last. Yup, Kitsch has landed and been finally sewn up. Just waiting seam pressing now. I won't describe the very colourful language used during said sewing up. Use your imagination ;) It was so difficult to get the stripes on the sides to match up and I had to restart several times. Weirdly though the arms were easy peasy......funny that. Anyway, she looks lovely and I'm very happy with her and can't wait for warmer weather so I can actually wear the little darling.....

I visited Get Knitted again a week ago last Thursday with my mad knitting friend Jackie and it was just such a fabulous visit. Imagine being surrounded by loads of lovely yarn, knitting books, knitting magazines, Brittany needles and Clover doodahs. If that wasn't enough you can make yourself a drink and looks through all the lovely books and magazines.....honestly, it really is knitters heaven ;)

Sue has been ever so kind and let me swap my skein of Colinette Jitterbug Popsicle sock yarn for a much brighter version. No doubt to stop me harping on about how different some of the skeins are compared to others .....can you believe this is the same shade? Now we all know I love bright socks so I am just delirious that I can change the much greener version for the funky bright lary one! Very big thanks to Sue ;)

I was very restrained with my buying and bought enough Damask in Zircone for Tulip from Rowan 41 and a Cropped Cardi pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas. I'd seen the shade cards but boy was it different seeing them in the flesh. I totally changed my mind from what I'd seen in the shade cards. They really only give you an idea. This design is my favourite from the new magazine and the one that as soon as I saw it just had to have it! Of course, you will know exactly what I mean ;)

It's been a busy time with all sorts going on. I upgraded my Blogger template so had some tidying up to do as re-inserting all the various HTML codes that hadn't migrated. Amazing how much time that takes but all is well now.

I've done lots of knitting but not so many photos. I've finished the knitting part of Soleil from the new Rowan Kasbah Collection and its waiting sewing up and then the border to be added. The pattern has a sewn on knitted border but I don't fancy that so will try some type of crochet border me thinks.

I'm now working on After Dark also from the Kasbah Collection using yet more Summer Tweed from my stash. Oh it does feel good using yarn from stash :)

My Fletcher coat has all been knitted and pressed and is now next in line for sewing up. I was so elated after finished Kitsch that I sewed a sleeve on straight after. I surprised myself totally by doing this but was glad I did. Thankfully sewing up Iro is far far easier than the dreaded stripes of Kitsch. So not too long now and I will have me a knitted coat! YAY!!!

I've also had lots of time to think and decide on what else I want to make from Rowan 41 so here goes:

Foxglove just wowed me straight away. I almost have enough Calmer from stash but not quite and as I didn't fancy frogging the vest top that is just waiting to have crochet straps added I managed to order an extra 2 balls to make sure. The shade I have Flamingo is discontinued and I wondered if I'd manage to get any more, but luckily I did. It might not be the same dye lot but hopefully I'll get away with using for edgings & the tie.

The only thing I'm not so keen on is the crochet flowers which are really too girly for me. So any suggestions for an edging would be gratefully received! I did see a book on Amazon for 150 Crochet Edgings - maybe that would be a good idea especially as I need an edging for Soleil too! If anyone has seen the book, opinions would be great ;)

I love this vest top Juniper. I love Calmer. What a perfect partnership. And yep, I get to use more stash! Though of course I don't expect I'll do stripes, maybe just a little border instead.

Spice tempts me too and I was umming and aahing between this and the next design Maris. They're still on my possibles but I think Foxglove is the way to go. Isn't it fab there are so many garments in Calmer to choose from! This makes me v. happy indeedy ;)

I think Maris is the more versatile of these 2 but we'll see how things work out. By the time I've finished the next few planned projects who knows what I'll want by then ;)

And last but definitely not least, my Valentine's Day gift from my DH. Yup more Socks That Rock, this time in Fire on The Mountain and Fairgrounds. I've started Fairgrounds already, I kinda feel lost without having a pair of STR on the go. They relax me so much watching the fabulous colours appear, kinda like therapy really, but much more enjoyable ;)


Linda said...

I was waiting for your opinion on Damask yarn before I ordered any. I love all the lovely Calmer patterns, too. I'm waiting for my Magazine, still, so won't order any until I can see it in the flesh.

Joy said...

Wow! You are going to be super busy! I love Kitsch! and bet it looks even more beautiful on. How does the Damask feel?

Kath said...

Wow, what a lot of lovely goodies you have this time! I love the colour of the Damask - I haven't seen any of that yet - is it nice?
I do like the lary Jitterbug and the STR are yummy as well - can't wait to see them knitted up!

Curly Cable said...

Looks like you've been busy, your kitsh looks great, love the colours you've chosen, I've also purchased the cropped cardigan pattern, I just waiting for the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn to arrive. Your skeins of STR look great, as well as your replacement jitterbug, can't believe how two skeins of the same colourway can be so different.

blueadt said...

Wow - you have been busy.

I so wish I had some Calmer in my stash :-(

Lucky you re STR for Valentines Day - much better than roses!

Chris said...

Kitsch is so cute! When do we get the modelled picture??

I do have a skein of STR Fire on the Mountain that I'm looking forward to knitting at some point - love that colorway.

Queen Frogger said...

You have some good projects on the go/to do! The difference in the jitterbug skeins is a bit alarming!

Piglottie said...

Kitsch looks brilliant - so neat! And seems like you've been really busy. I love a lot of the designs in Rowan 41 too.

Wonderful Valentine's present. And thanks for all the info I asked about STR :)

juliet said...

You have such good taste - we like the same patterns out of the Rowan, the jitterbug should definitely be the brightest possible - especially with a name like that. I can't wait to see you in Kitsch - it is even better now it is all done and dusted, love it

Madge said...

Kitsch looks great! And you've been so busy - can't wait to see pics of all your lovelies.

Mmm, more STR...are you excited the sock club has started? (we should be getting our first skein soon...) And that Popsicle colorway is loads of fun, too.

artyfartykat said...

You've been sooo busy!! You put me to shame!
The Kitsch looks great, love the colours.
I don't know why Jitterbug should have such a big variation in colour, I know its hand dyed but it seems theres no consistency.
Love the colours of your STR yarns,lucky you! I've just been lucky enough to receive my first STR yarn! Can't wait to start on it.