Friday, March 24, 2006

A Generous Husband...

Well, after last week I don't really have too much to show on the knitting front. My DH in his generosity gave me his flu and I woke up last Friday without the energy to even lift my head off the pillow to have a drink of water. Not good. We spent most of the weekend asleep and rather poorly. It's the first time my husband can remember having flu and I have never seen him as ill as he was. Thankfully its all easing off now, and I can't wait to get back to normal.

I did start a blanket though as I needed something simple and mindless to knit. Its knitted all in one piece and was most relaxing to knit as was a nice easy pattern. Now of course, I'm not sure if I want to carry on or not. I've a feeling doing squares would be better for me, as I can do them as I please and eventually, one day, they magically turn themselves into a blanket. Or something like that. Hmmmm. Currently, the project has lost my interest. But it has to be said, I don't find blankets particularly interesting anyway. Maybe I'll play with some stitch patterns and do squares. At least if I don't like a square its not the end of world is it?

Although spring has still yet to arrive properly I've started another summer top. It's a halterneck done in one piece and should be a nice simple easy pattern. I'm using some Lana Grossa Multicot Print from stash and a Rebecca pattern. I didn't do a tension swatch though, so fingers crossed I don't have to frog!

I did manage to finish the front of my Chardonnay top in Jaeger Trinity. Now its just the edging and a strap to be done plus a flower. You didn't think it had only one strap now did you? Oh yes, I can just see an accident waiting to pop out.....All will be revealed when its finally done. Its the first time I've used Trinity and am still surprised at how lovely and soft it is. I would however drop a needle size next time I use it for a slightly firmer fabric. Depending on where I check the tension it works out at either 22 or 21 sts per really is quite fine!

As we were asleep most of Sunday there was no sewing up done. But I'm hoping this weekend will see the crochet edge of Elspeth finally tackled.

I was getting worried as my birthday present list is shockingly small. Usually there is tons of stuff I want. But I just had a look at the latest Kim Hargreaves summer collection and spied this beauty called Buttercup. She is lovely, although in my not so favourite 4 ply, but would make a love pressie. I'm thinking Bleached colourway as she'll go with everything then.

Poor Thunder hasn't been getting as much attention as usual due to his poorly parents but has been very snuggly most of the time, with occasion naughtiness. He did make me laugh yesterday when I had to nip upstairs while he was out of his cage. He knocked down the gate to upstairs and bless his furry paws, just came up the stairs to find out where I was. How cute is that ;)


Rebekah said...

Poor Thunder he was needing some snuggling. Hope you guys are feeling much better this weekend.

Chris said...

Who knew bunnies could climb stairs?? I didn't!

I hope you're both feeling much better this weekend. And I'll be curious to see what the secret of that Chardonnay top is - it does look a bit risky to wear. :)

Linda said...

I love the colours of the halterneck. Guess who ordered Buttercup in red and others that she refuses to confess to in white?But one, nearly two, finished objects this week, so I feel less guilty.

Mandella said...

You poor things. Flu is the most horrid illness ever - and never, ever do you mistake a heavy cold for the flu when you've had the real thing. I hope you at least had the energy to sit there and dream of all the projects you wanted to accomplish.

Ill or not, you've still made a lot of progress!

mrspao said...

It looks like you've done a lot despite the flu. Thunder sounds so sweet.